If you love Horse then here is Heartland Season 14

Heartland has won the hearts of horse enthusiasts all across the world for the past 14 years. It's also the longest-running one-hour scripted drama in Canadian television history. Since Season 14 ended on March 21, 2021, fans have been eagerly anticipating the return of the program for a new season. True, the show's terrible turn of events in the previous season has steered it in a completely different path. In the Heartland universe, though, there is still a lot to discover.
The long-running series is legendary among Netflix binge-watchers. The movie “Heartland” is about two sisters who live on their family's ranch in rural Alberta, Canada. There has been romance, spectacular snowstorms, successful rodeo performances, aircraft disasters, and wildfires throughout the almost 15 years that the program has been on the air. That's only for the first 13 seasons. Season 14 is sure to be packed with more ranch drama, which is why fans are so excited to watch it.

A Gist About Heartland Season 14

Heartland is a Canadian family comedy-drama television series that premiered on CBC on October 14, 2007 in Canada and on The CW, Netflix, and UPtv in the United States. BYUtv and Retro TV both broadcast reruns. The series formerly aired repeats on Light TV until the network's demise on January 15, 2021, when it was replaced by TheGrio.tv, which was purchased from MGM by Byron Allen's Allen Media Group, and on The CW until the rights were solely transferred to UPtv in 2010. Heartland, an American satellite channel, broadcasts the series in syndication.

heartland season 14

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What Is there in All Episodes?

Episode 1

Amy is dealing with a huge life change, Lou is adjusting to life as the mayor of Hudson, and Georgie revisits her Olympic ambition. TV-PG

Episode 2

When Amy's efforts to help a little girl build a bond with her new horse take an unexpected turn, and Lou suffers severe criticism as mayor, she must confront a terrible reality.

Episode 3

Amy reluctantly assists Lily, Ty's mother, with a distressed racehorse. When Lou tries to pitch Hudson as a must-see tourist attraction, she throws herself into even more trouble.

Episode 4

When a train derails, an explosion occurs, posing a serious threat to the community. Amy attempts to help the abandoned horses at the rodeo grounds as a wildfire swiftly advances toward them.

Episode 5 

The new leader forcibly forces the wild, black stallion Amy rehomed from Will's ranch out of the herd, forcing Amy to seek down the injured horse and nurture him back to health.

Episode 6

Amy must return to her Miracle Girl origins and organise her first horse clinic in over a year to find new homes for a herd of wild horses.

Episode 7

When Tim finds himself participating in a polo competition, he seeks out unusual aid; Amy is concerned that her daughter isn't adjusting well to her new environment and takes a move that disturbs Jack.

Episode 8

Caleb discovers a relic from Amy's history that he believes would hold particular value for her; instead, it is Jack who is troubled by the present.

Episode 9

Quinn's affluent father arrives in Heartland with an offer that will change Amy's and his son's lives forever.

Episode 10

Amy works with a difficult horse to aid Clint's buddy, and she also resurrects a desire of hers to restore the jumping course she and Spartan used to exercise on so many years ago.

Who is in the Cast?

Amber Marshall played the role of Amy Fleming

Amy, the book' heroine, practises natural horsemanship, Marion's intuitive training and healing approach, which she learned from her mother before she died in a car accident when Amy was fifteen. Amy was critically hurt in the accident. Marion and Amy were staying at Jack's ranch, Heartland, with Marion's father (Amy's grandpa). Tim, Amy's estranged father, visited her while she was recovering. Jack had already exiled Tim owing to his drinking and drug abuse.

Michelle Morgan played the role of  Samantha Louise “Lou” Fleming Morris

Lou comes home to assist manage Heartland in the first episode of the series, leaving behind her long-term fiancé and lucrative business position in New York City. She creates a financial strategy to make Heartland viable after learning the ranch's dismal financial position.

Shaun Johnston played the role of Jackson “Jack” Bartlett

Marion's father and Amy and Lou's grandpa, Jack, is the family patriarch. He owns Heartland and is a former rodeo star. Marion bought Heartland and turned it into a horse ranch. Following her death, Jack assists Amy and Ty in maintaining Heartland and its horses, as well as repairing damaged equipment, fences, and other such items.

Wrapping Up

In a fight of two new shows, Heartland topped Global's comedy Da Kink in My Hair with 513,000 viewers in its series debut.  Heartland had an average audience of 464,000 after four episodes. Heartland drew 625,000 viewers in its first-season finale. The program's third-season debut drew more over one million viewers, setting a new high for the show. 945,000 people watched the 100th episode, “After All We've Been Through.”