“I Deserve This, Poor Thing”: X-fla Will Also Play on the Nano Web at Cruciro in Slum B

Oh Flamenco Played a good match against Strength, Won the good stage at the Brazil Championships and started again. The team is still very low, but they manage to add points, which will be very important throughout the season until the key players return from their respective teams.

Gerson's departure should intensify the Rubro-Negro search Market To Reinforcements. At the press conference, Rosario Cheney said he expects the team to qualify for at least two pieces and think about bigger signatures. Names are analyzed internally, but not yet advanced negotiation.

This Thursday (24), Flamenco fans were surprised to see the defender's departure Rodolf, Rio de Janeiro club's multi-champion for Cruciro. Defender was in C கோரிrdoba, with Belo Horizonte coming in the next few days to sign a contract with Rabosa.


Defender stayed at Flamenco from 2017 to 2019. He was on the team that won almost everything in the time of George Jesus. He left many friends in Mais Querido do Brasil. Minas Gerries made some crimson-black jokes at the current moment of the club and said the medal deserved it.

When it comes to defenders, most of the nation listens Hiring To a player level. However, to be a reinforcement in this field, it is necessary to leave someone. For now, the main defense of Flamenco is composed by Willian Ario and Rodrigo Cayo. Gustavo Henrique, Leo Pereira and Bruno Vienna are on the bench.