I Believe in Santa Review: Is It Worth the Watch?

I Believe in Santa Review: The new Netflix holiday film, Believe in Santa, premiered on the service on Wednesday, December 14, 2022. John Ducey & Alex Ranarivelo have collaborated on a new film that is filled with holiday cheer. The film was shot by Reuben Steinberg & the score was written by Jamie Christopherson. The cast & crew of “I Believe in Santa” include Stuart Davis, Ali Afshar, Christina Moore, Daniel Aspromonte & Ava Rettke. In this article, we will read about I believe in Santa Review. Keep reading to know the full review of I believe in Santa.

I Believe in Santa Plot Synopsis

Lisa is a writer & single mother with strong convictions. She is the type of person that dislikes Christmas. She views Christmas as something out of a storybook. She tells her daughter Ella that Santa exists just to keep her young and believing. Tom spends his days as an attorney, but he finds great meaning in the holiday season. After reading an essay by Lisa, Tom is sure that Christmas is one of the best holidays ever. The depth of his disagreement is striking.

On the 4th of July, Lisa & Ella attend a dancing competition at a fair. At the fair, Ella feels slightly bewildered. Tom initially meets Ella here & Lisa is also introduced to him through Ella. From here on forward, Tom & Lisa's relationship develops into something more romantic. Tom's pal Assan & Lisa's pal Sharon became close during this time. From now until Christmas, everything goes swimmingly for Tom & Lisa. While Lisa enjoys a simple tree, Tom's flat is decked out in a full-on holiday theme.

Tom's real enthusiasm for the holiday of Christmas comes as a surprise to her. That's something he really appreciates & makes a big deal out of it. Sharon tells Lisa she should give Tom a chance & get caught up in the holiday spirit during their emotional talk on the drive home. The fact that Tom still believes in Santa is a deal breaker, though. Lisa refuses to make any more adjustments. Tom loses his holiday cheer & Lisa is stuck writing about the holiday.

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To better comprehend Tom's convictions, Lisa is given the chance to speak with Assan. Assan tells Lisa that it's simpler to accept certain inconveniences if one truly wants to. Tom's offer to assist Ella to construct a sleigh for the sleigh race is a separate plotline. The narrative concludes when Ella wins the sleigh race & Tom makes a marriage proposal to Lisa. Lisa & Tom both agree that they will hold on to their Christmas traditions but will not let them strain their friendship with one another.

I Believe in Santa Cast Performance

After some research, I found out that Moore & Ducey are indeed married in real life & their marriage seems to be reflected in the movie. Though I'm sure they mean to portray a loving pair, I get the impression from looking into their eyes that they are more like a predator & victim.

Their best work comes in a moment in which Tom, Lisa's boyfriend of 5 months & a Santa Claus believer, scolds her for not instilling the same belief in her daughter, Ella: “I don't think it's fair for you to put your lack of faith onto Ella.” That's an adult-to-adult Santa joke, just in case you forgot. Lisa snaps at him & sends him on a sleigh ride by himself, the film's equivalent of packing up the kids & leaving to visit her sister.

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I Believe in Santa Review 

In “I Believe in Santa,” the Christmas atmosphere is maintained consistently. The ‘feel-good' factor is palpable & spreads easily among the spectators. It fits the film's genre perfectly. Those playing the roles have done an outstanding job. In their roles, they're surprisingly human, which is a breath of new air.

I Believe in Santa Review

This film's cinematography is its strongest suit. It has a cozy feeling, just like Christmas. In addition, the soundtrack is as, if not more, excellent for this film. The upbeat vibe is still there, generally speaking. The plot makes far too many earnest attempts at sentimentality. The audience is forced to ponder who is at fault: Tom's immaturity or Lisa's stubbornness?

Upon closer inspection, the plot's actual strength is lacking. It's ridiculous that Santa's existence or nonexistence has become a potential relationship dealbreaker. In addition, there's a moment when everything starts to blend together. Tom seems to treat Christmas like his own child, although it's not apparent why. Lisa's aversion to Christmas is not well-explained, either.

Final Thoughts

Though worse, I wouldn't recommend this flick. The film stars many famous actors & actresses, but you may end up wishing you'd watched something different. It's not the worst thing you'll watch because it teaches viewers about family & sparks their curiosity with Tom's best and perhaps only buddy, Assan, who makes them think about faith. If you know the plot, you can predict the ending. If you try a formulaic family song, you might like it.

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