Hy-conn Net Worth: Everything You Need to Know So Far!

Jeff Stroope of Cabot, Arkansas began his section with a video introduction. He claimed to be the founder of HyConn.

Jeff described himself as a full-time captain of the fire department as well as a maintenance supervisor.

The footage showed the vehicle receiving a call and then blaring lights and sirens. Set over this, but one day while driving the truck, he saw that it was taking too long to provide water to the fire scene.

What is Hyconn Llc?

HyConn LLC is a manufacturer of fire hydrant hose quick connections.

Hy-conn Net Worth

It takes less than three seconds to connect a HyConn to a hydrant and requires no threading or twisting.

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During Jeff Stroope's time as a firefighter in Texas, many homes were destroyed by fire. He realized that the time it took to connect the hose to the hydrant and feed water to the fire was a factor.

He also designed a HyConn for the home, a connection that clamps onto garden hose spigots.

The firefighter can utilize HyConn to connect the hose to a hydrant in three seconds or less, without threading or twisting.

Who is the Founder of Hyconn Llc?

He saw that the time it took to connect the hose to the hydrant and feed water to the fire was an issue. He believed there had to be a better way, so he founded HyConn.

His experiences as a firefighter prompted him to develop the HyConn. The quick-connect device enables firemen to connect to an existing hydrant quickly and easily, while also ensuring a safe and effective connection.

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The HyConn for the Home contains a connection that makes it easier to connect garden hoses to spigots. HyConn connects to a hydrant in three seconds or less, substantially faster than the traditional 30-second connection time.

What Happened to Hyconn Llc at Shark Tank Pitch?

Stroope decided to pitch his concept to Shark Tank investors in episode 8 of Season 2 of HyConn of Shark Tank in order to extend the product's potential market.

Stroope approaches the Shark Tank dressed in full turn-out gear, seeking $500,000 in exchange for a 40% ownership in his $1.25 million company.

Hy-conn Net Worth

He characterizes the HyConn LLC concept as the “world's quickest procedure” for connecting and detaching from a hydrant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Happened to Hy Conn?

After the First Agreement Fell Through, Another Venture Firm Invested. Jeff Eventually Secured a Patent for Hyconn, but the Product Was Still Not Available for Purchase as of 2016, and Hyconn Subsequently Went Out of Business.

Does Mark Cuban Own Hyconn?

Its Founder, Jeff Stroope, Agreed to Sell the Company to Mark Cuban, but the Transaction Never Concluded. Hyconn is No Longer in Existence and is Valued at $0 as of 2022.

What is Hyconn?

Hyconn Connects to a Hydrant in Three Seconds or Less, Significantly Faster Than the Traditional 30 Seconds Required to Connect a Hose to a Hydrant.

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