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How VPNs Level Up Your Online Entertainment

The ability to unblock websites, services, and content that are blocked in your country is one of VPNs' greatest strengths. With a single click, you may add hundreds of titles to your Netflix list, watch streams for any football game, stream Disney Plus for better entertainment for the kids, and much more.

How and Why A VPN Can Do All This

In 2022, broadcasting regulations are no longer keeping up with the current reality of content. We live in a time when we can watch 1080p films in real time via fiber optic cables that run beneath the sea. Despite this new truth, our laws continue to pretend it's still the age of the living room television.

A VPN is necessary to stay up to speed with the most current and greatest internet content and services. Here's an example: Stadia, Google's new platform for streaming games, is a ground-breaking technology that allows you to stream and play games without a PC or console. That's right, in the near future you might not need a $1000 gaming PC. Instead you can connect a device that resembles a Chromecast to the back of your TV to access a massive games library for only $9 per month.

The only problem is that Stadia is blocked in 99% of the world. You can’t even check out what games they have in most regions.

All these services are blocked in most regions too:

  • HBO Go.
  • VEVO
  • EuroSportPlayer
  • SkySports
  • WatchESPN
  • WWE Network
  • Lifetime
  • Food Network
  • CBS
  • And more….

The key to unlocking all of them is a VPN.

How A VPN Works

The simplest approach to comprehend a VPN is to consider it a mail forwarder. When you visit, that's what you put on the front of the envelope. Your internet service provider (ISP) routes the letter to the address provided when you submit it online.

The VPN server collects all of the envelopes that leave your computer and encloses them in an additional encrypted envelope addressed to the VPN server. That's all the ISP can see now. An envelope that they are carrying to a VPN server.

When the envelope arrives, the VPN server decrypts it and sends it on to the real recipient.

Because the VPN server does not keep the original envelope, all the final recipient knows is that they have received an envelope from a IP address associated with a VPN. If the IP address is located in America, Netflix believes it is interacting with someone in America.

How VPNs Keep You Anonymous When You're Online

They don't, really. A VPN alone isn't enough to prevent the CIA, FBI, or NSA from learning what you're doing online, no matter what advertisements claim. Companies use third-party cookies rather than IP addresses to follow you online, and metadata is visible throughout the OSI model.

What they can do is hide your browsing habits from you internet service provider.

The company that provides you with internet access can see all of your online activities. They must do so or else they would be unable to direct you to those web addresses. Keep in mind that when using a VPN, your envelope is hidden within an envelope addressed to the VPN server. This means that while utilizing a VPN, all ISP knows is that it's sending traffic to the VPN's IP address.

Will An ISP Know You Are Using A VPN?

If your ISP is concerned enough to investigate whether or not you're utilizing a VPN, they'll be able to figure it out. They may maintain a list of identified VPNs for one The final destination will not be known. But due to all your traffic going to a single IP address and the IP packet being a different size, it's not hard for them to work it out.

Don't be concerned about others finding out you're using a VPN. It isn't unlawful, and aside from online banks and other businesses that need to verify your identification, few will care enough to do anything about it.

While Torrenting, A VPN Can Help You Remain Anonymous

Regardless of your own stance on torrenting, up to 10% of internet traffic comes from BitTorrent, and clients like it. Because your public IP address is revealed when you torrent, a VPN is useful. Rights owners keep an eye on torrents and the IP addresses that upload and download them. They develop software that sends cease and desist letters to ISPs who forward them to the user who downloaded a file automatically. When you use a VPN, all of the trackers see the VPN's IP address, making it impossible for anyone to follow up.

In Summary

VPNs unblock stuff from all over the world, allowing you to enjoy more online entertainment. To do so, they act as a mail forwarder, disrupting the chain that connects you to your ISP and to the end destination. Perfect for torrenting or hiding your IP address from the sites you visit, and your surfing history from your ISP. If you're interested, read more about a VPN here.

Aarif Kapur
Aarif Kapur
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