How to Write a Movie Review: An Ultimate Guide

Every person who has watched a movie will have an opinion about the film and can express it verbally or in writing. All viewers have a say about one or two things they liked or did not like about the artistic presentation, cinematography techniques, actors and actresses, language, background or even the storyline. In that case, writing a movie review is more than just having an opinion about a film. It is about presenting a case for or against a motion picture to an audience that may or may not have seen it. To do so, we must establish some ground rules:

Movie reviews should not contain spoilers

Your review should not discourage those who haven't seen the movie from watching it. You should not reveal too many details that a potential viewer loses interest in the said movie. Although the review should be informative, it should only contain relevant facts and highlights.

Know your audience

The content of your film review will be based on the reader and their preferences. This knowledge will determine whether you will compare the movie to others in the same category or genre. Your audience will also influence the significance of the general rating information and its purpose in your document.

Essential Tips on Writing a Movie Review

Watch the film first

If you are planning to write a review on a movie, you must first watch it and understand its plot and storyline. You cannot rely on other people's reviews to judge a film. Watching the movie makes you more attentive and critical of specific plot details and processes.

Express an opinion

Your review will need a thesis or a standpoint. One of the most common pieces of advice on how to write a good movie review is the need to include an introduction. The first paragraph of the review essay should hint to the reader about the content and the author's perspective. This opinion features on the thesis state, telling the audience what you think about the film and why they should or should not watch it.

Research the cast

Before you embark on writing a review on a movie, do a little research on the cast. Know the actors and actresses, noting their achievements and failures. Understand the social status of the people featured in your chosen film and make references to this information in your essay. This approach demonstrates professionalism and knowledge, indicating that your opinion is based on an informed perspective.

Read about cinematography techniques

You can also increase the believability of your essay by demonstrating knowledge of film production. Reading about cinematography techniques will help you criticize the content and context of the movie, including its production processes. You can also research the director and the producing company to help illustrate their perspective and preferences in the industry.

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Everything You Need to Know on How to Write a Movie Review Essay

The most helpful tips for writing a movie review will always start with making an outline. Just like the teacher begins with a lesson plan, the student should first document the organization of their document. Any good academic essay must start with a professionally acceptable structure, outlining the critical components. In this case, you should adopt a movie review template incorporating the basic academic essay format, with an introduction, body, and conclusion. Here is a simple movie review template for college and high school students.


The introduction is a snapshot of your essay, giving a background of the content and stating the writer's opinion. The last sentence or two of the introductory paragraph should feature your thesis or perception of the film. Unlike most academic papers, a movie review's introduction should be short, with only minor details about the film. You should not delve too deep into the content. Instead, you should choose attractive words to entice and captivate the reader, encouraging them to venture further into the body.


The body should contain the most important details about the film in question, answering the theoretical questions presented by the professor. A good movie review paper should contain a subsection detailing the facts about the movie, including the title, cast, director, production company and release date. This segment should also contain a summary of the plot and storyline. If the film is based on a true story or a book, the student should provide a short description of the source.

The body should also contain the author's analysis of the film. This is where you explain the opinion you expressed in the introduction, detailing the components and structures that drove you to that conclusion. At this point, you should demonstrate your knowledge of cinematography techniques, cast, director, and production company. You analyze the choice of strategy bearing in mind the film's context and content.

The analysis section explains what the author likes or does not like about the movie with illustrations or references from the actual work. If you refer to a specific scene, you must explain it and show the reader that you watched it. This is where you use the most suitable vocabulary and organize your words to captivate, illustrating your prowess in the industry. You can always search for a movie review example online to help structure this section. The analysis segment will often determine the reader's perception and your professor's conclusion about your writing ability.

Proofread and Edit Your Movie Review Paper

The only proven way of guaranteeing good grades is proofreading and editing. Most students fail due to minor mistakes that could be eliminated through proofreading. Always reread your document to eliminate minor grammatical and punctuation mistakes that annoy most educators. However, this is the most boring step in writing, and most students ignore it. You can always hire professional editors and proofreaders to review and improve your paper.


The conclusion summarizes your essay, reiterating the facts and opinions featured in the body. You should also restate your thesis to remind the reader about your views and interpretations regarding the movie. Note that at this point, your professor has already judged your essay and has an idea about your final grade and writing skills. A sample conclusion paragraph features a restated thesis, a short description of the body, and a summary of the main content. It should not contain additional information or criticism.

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