How to Promote Your Kickboxing Classes Online

Kickboxing is a multipurpose exercise which implements a lot of different techniques used in karate and boxing. The hands are used for punching, the feet for kicking, and use of other body parts like knees and elbows is strongly discouraged.

While kickboxing is interesting as a professional sport, lately it has become popular in gyms and freestyle classes. It’s a less popular exercise form when compared to the conventional gym-goers so promoting a kickboxing class is a bit different. You might be missing out on a lot of customers who don’t even know about your service.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while promoting your kickboxing classes.

Instagram marketing

Instagram has over 2.35 billion active monthly users. These are people of all ages and genders existing in an online space waiting to be showered with ads. Your target audience lies among these users.

It would be foolish to disregard Instagram marketing in today’s age. You need to have a designated page for your kickboxing classes, complete with details on timing, location, lesson plans, and pricing. Most of gen-z searches businesses on Instagram before they even Google it, so your account can’t have any information gaps.

Make sure all your posts are professional looking and well designed. A poorly displayed profile can drive away a lot of business. To make things easier for yourself, make the best use of online templates. There are many free poster maker tools that have hundreds of designs to choose from, and all of them super easy to customize.

Host live sessions

For fitness training, people always prefer real time learning with practical demonstrations. But at the same time, people are also hesitant to subscribe to a service without knowing for sure that it’s exactly what they need. In this situation, a free trial will do.

Now the physical space you have for your classes cannot be expended for free trials, that’s why we have Instagram live sessions! Start a livestream for some of your beginner level classes and allow anyone to join in and see how you carry out your classes. This will give people the chance to experience the class before making a long term commitment, and you will filter out the non-serious members without wasting any resources.

You can also go live with our trainers in a collaborative effort and target two different audiences at the same time.

Fitness challenge

If there’s one thing people on the internet love, it’s a good challenge. The internet thrives off of doing difficult things just for the sake of it. Use that to your advantage!

Every month or so introduce a new challenge on your Instagram page and encourage your followers to participate in it. It can be as simple as eating a salad that week or doing 10 push ups in a row. Keep in mind that there will always be a spectrum to your customers. The experienced kickboxers and the newbie kickboxers will find different things appealing and challenging. You need to cater in a way that everyone feels included.

Encourage people to take part in these challenges and submit their entries in exchange for prizes like discounted memberships or cool merch.

Collaborate with fitness influencers

Influencer marketing thrives on Instagram. What makes it even better is that Instagram has so many inbuilt features that make collaborations even easier. Putting up collaborative posts, hosting joint live sessions, or even adding sponsorship labels to promotional videos… Everything is super simple.

Fitness influencers already have huge followings which match your target audience. Reach out to these influencers and propose the possibility of working together, this could be either in exchange for free classes or monetary compensation. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect fit then search up relevant hashtags and see what your competitors are up to. Once you’re down that rabbit hole, things will streamline themselves.

Wrapping it up

You can’t promote something unless you also genuinely enjoy and understand it. Once you have all the information sorted out, all you have to do is present it in a way that’s appealing to the average Instagram user.

Kickboxing is a pretty intense exercise form. If you can figure that out, surely a little bit of content marketing isn’t beyond you!

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