How to Improve Your Password Security in 2022?

In recent times, we have already heard so many cases about social media accounts getting hacked. Whether it is Twitter or Facebook, we know that a person is always concerned about his privacy and security. The online platforms have already made some guidelines when it comes to the passwords, but still, people don’t take this seriously and end up getting hacked.

If you are one of those people who don’t take its password seriously, then it is time for you to think about it. Around 23 million people use “123456” as their password and it has come as one of the most common passwords in 2021.

Passwords are not only limited to your social media accounts, we also use them everywhere, including at banks. So think about it, would you ever use the same password which you used in 2016? No, because you know that the technology has advanced. Most of the online platforms are already set up in such a way that they automatically reject your password if it is not strong.

In this article, we’ll be going to tell you about some safety measures that will help you to set your password security strongly.

Create A Strong Password

You have already heard millions of times that you should always use a strong password for your online accounts – but what is a strong password and how it’s created?

In order to create a strong password, you need to follow some points. Creating a password is super easy because most of the time, a person uses their personal information. But don’t you think it is easy for a person to crack it? Also, the technology is already advanced and if the account of Mark Zukerberg can be hacked, so too can yours.

Here are some of the tips to create a strong password.

Create a long password

If you want to maintain the security of your account, make sure to use a long password. A password with 8 letters would be the best for you. The length of the password will ensure its complexity. The longer the password, the longer it will take the hacker to crack it.

Use Upper and Lower Case Letters

Although we recommend using more complex passwords than just long ones with upper and lower case letters ones, this is also a good starting point.

Don’t Repeat Your Password

Most people use the same password for every single account. When we say that you shouldn’t repeat your password, it means you should use different passwords for every account.

Change Your password Periodically

Some apps remind their users to change their passwords from time to time. There is a reason behind this: they don’t want their customers to face any problems in terms of their security. While the social media platforms have not yet started this service for their people, we suggest you change those passwords every once in a while.

Never Share Your Password with Anyone

When we say “your password”, it means that the password is yours and nobody should know it besides you. If you have ever given your password to anyone, make sure to change it. There will be times when you’ll have to share your password with friends or family in an urgent situation, but we recommend you change it right away.

Use Password Manager to Store your Password

If you are facing trouble remembering your passwords, you should go for Password Manager. By using the app, you save your password for the different applications and you don’t need to remember it by yourself – the app will do that for you.

Nowadays, both Android and IOS have come with this technology where the person can use the password manager to safely store their password.

Aarif Kapur
Aarif Kapur
Aarif Kapur is a guy who is 25 years old and likes to try new things. He has been writing for for a long time. His main goal is to give accurate information to users.

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