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How to Get the Most Out of Open-Source Coding Projects

This article is for you if you're a developer and have ever wondered how to contribute to an open-source project. We'll explain what open source is, how to find good projects, and how to get started contributing your own code.

Choose a project with a good fit.

The first step in getting the most out of an open-source coding project is to choose one that's a good fit.

  • Choose a project that fits your skill level and interests: The best place to start is by choosing a project that is well-suited for you—one with a suitable number of contributors, an active community, and a high impact on the community.
  • Look for projects that have a large number of contributors: Look for projects with more than 100 contributors and an active mailing list. These are likely to be maintained for years to come and will give you lots of opportunities to get involved in different development parts.
  • Look for projects with the most impact on the community: When choosing which open source project will benefit from your skillset and knowledge, don't forget how valuable it would be if someone were helping there too! Consider whether or not this project has enough users/customers/adapters/etc., because if nobody uses it then it won't matter how much work you put into making something better (and neither will anyone else). You can find this information through GitHub issues or Stack Overflow questions tagged “help wanted”.

Make sure your team is also enthusiastic.

The last thing you want is a team of people who are excited about the project but not necessarily enthusiastic about working together. If your team doesn't get along, it will be tough for them to collaborate effectively on the project. Make sure that everyone involved feels comfortable with one another and has a similar vision for the project before moving forward. If this isn't something you can establish early on, then it may be better to find a different project—if there's going to be a conflict between contributors at some point, why bother starting?

Know what you're trying to accomplish.

The first step to getting the most out of an open-source project is knowing what you're trying to accomplish. It's important to ask yourself:

  • What are the goals of this project?
  • What are its current challenges?
  • What are its requirements?
  • When do I need it by (or when will it be done)?
  • How much does it cost (if anything)?

Why open-source?

Open-source projects are a great way to gain experience and build your resume. Many employers look for people with open-source expertise, so you can use your contributions as proof that you have the skills necessary to do the job. In addition, contributing to an open-source project gives you a chance to build out your portfolio and show off your work! However, while open-source projects provide a great learning experience, consider programming a small SaaS project, which will also allow you to generate a side income, like

Set realistic goals

Setting realistic goals is critical to getting the most out of open-source projects. You don't want to set too high or too low goals. You also want to avoid setting goals that are too vague or difficult to measure because this can lead to disappointment and frustration down the road.

Setting realistic goals helps you understand what's achievable in a reasonable amount of time and energy. When you have an idea for a new feature, start by asking yourself, “Is this something I need?” If the answer is yes, ask yourself: “How can I get it done?”

Make sure you have what you need when you need it

Make sure you have what you need when you need it.

To be successful in open source, you must know precisely what resources are available and how to access them. You should also determine if the information is accurate, up-to-date, and relevant to your project's needs. To do this effectively, ask yourself some questions about the following:

  • What tools do I need?
  • Do I have enough skills or am I lacking in any areas that could cause problems down the line?
  • Do we have enough people with the right skills on board who can help build out our strategy?
  • When do we need these things by?

Check for code quality by running the program's unit tests on your machine, if possible before contributing the first time

  • Check the code quality. Some open-source projects have unit tests (a type of automated test) that can be run on your machine. If you can run these, it's a great way to check if there are any issues with the code before you contribute. These tests should be run on every commit that gets committed into the project, so it's important to make sure they pass consistently before committing any changes yourself.
  • Learn how to use Git effectively by following best practices when collaborating with others online

Add more unit tests for new code and when fixing bugs. Unit tests are needed for good code quality, which can be an important contribution even when there are no specific bugs or new features to work on

Unit tests are needed for good code quality, so this can be an important contribution even when there are no specific bugs or new features to work on. Writing unit tests is a great way to learn how the code works and identify ways to improve the code. For example, if you have a bug in your project that breaks your unit test, then you have found something wrong with the implementation of your function (or perhaps with another function). You should try to fix it, but before doing so it’s also worth thinking about whether there is some way that things could be done better!


We hope this article has been informative and encouraging. Open-source projects are a great way to improve yourself, contribute to the community, and connect with other developers. The more people participating in open-source projects, the better for everyone involved!

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