How to Find the Cheapest Storage Units When Moving?

You might be considering that you won’t require a storage unit when moving but you will never know when you could run out of space. No matter what is the reason for moving whether you are downsizing, staging your home, you will eventually need to shop around for a storage unit.

But finding an affordable storage unit is not an easy task. Though there are numerous numbers of storage options are available out there to choose from but finding the right one at the best price is not an easy job. If you are struggling with the questions like where to locate the best deal? Where to get the one at the best price and so on then before you start to research, read out all these tips. With this guide, you can easily get the right storage space without spending a lot of money on it.

Selecting the Appropriate Size:

You can find storage units in different sizes, from small ones to larger ones, with multiple variations in between. Although there is a possibility that some companies offer storage rooms having a standard size, you can still look for those offering unique sizes as per the numbers and size of your belongings.

One needs to choose the size wisely because its monthly rent depends on the unit size. The stuffed packed properly will take less storage space compared to the stuff packed poorly. Therefore, do pack your stuff in such a way that it covers less storage space. This will save you money and you will be able to get the cheapest storage units.

Choose the Location Wisely:

The location you are going to select should either be based on the place where you are currently staying or the place offering you the best deals. It should go without saying that the rent of the storage units being conveniently located at the place which is full of the population will be higher.

If it is located at the center of the city will be much expensive than those which are located at the outskirts of the city. If you want to store your stuff for a long time then it doesn’t matter whether you are storing your stuff a little away from you. So, remember to plan accordingly. While on the other hand, if you need to access it at every single day then you might consider about a location nearer to you.

Consider the Features You Require:

Companies offer multiple features to their clients who want to store their stuff with them. Sometimes people end up paying for the features they didn’t even use a single time. For instance, if you want to store just normal items like heavy furniture items or something like that and you chose to store it in a climate-controlled facility charging an extra amount of money than any normal one.

But you should know that the furniture is not affected by the climate and thus, there is no requirement to pay extra charges for an additional feature. It is essential to consider the list of features you need to use before you book any storage unit. Pay for only those features you think will come in handy.

Look Around to Get the Right Insurance:

Many people are not aware of the fact that companies want their clients to maintain appropriate insurance for the period till they are using their services. Usually, this fact is disclosed by them when you reach them for signing the paperwork. And conveniently enough, they try to sell their insurance coverage plan at higher rates.

Don’t fall for this trap. You should contact different insurance companies and look for appropriate insurance plans falling within your budget. Sometimes there is a possibility that the stuff of the people having homeowners or renters insurance is already covered under a certain policy. In such a case you need not buy another insurance policy. Thus, be sure to check with the particular insurance company before you proceed with renting any storage unit.

Try to Avoid Storage Facilities Increasing Rents:

Most of the storage facilities start increasing the rate of pre-determined rent after a particular point of time. Although the rate at which rent is increased is not so high, if you are planning to use the storage facility for a long period then it can add up to your storing cost. It is better that you look for that either which does not increase the rate of rent after a point of time or the facility which increases the rent at a minor rate which you can pay easily.

Last but not on the list, you should always ask questions to the company so that you can easily find the best available deal. Not all the companies are offering the spaces at the same rate some offer the same services at a lower rate so why waste your money. Use the above guide to get the services at an affordable cost.