HowToBasic Face Reveal: Who is the Man Behind the Mask?

HowToBasic is a comedy YouTube channel from Australia that has more than 17 million followers. The creator remains anonymous, never showing their face or speaking in the videos. The channel is known for its weird and destructive visual pranks that are shown as how-to tutorials. It became popular in 2013 and is now the 5th most popular Australian YouTube station.

In November 2018, its projected net worth was around $2 million. Twice, in 2014 and late 2015, the channel was temporarily shut down because of possible violations of YouTube's policy on misleading material. However, it was restored both times after the issues were addressed.

What is HowToBasic About?

The HowToBasic YouTube channel tries to trick people into clicking on its videos by using misleading names, thumbnails, and descriptions, especially when it comes to cooking. Even though these things are said, the videos show a man who isn't named throwing, breaking, and making mistakes with food and other things from his point of view.

Some videos have extra funny parts, like cameos by other actors or related material. At first, the channel did make real how-to videos for easy tasks like “How to pick up an umbrella” and “How to pour drinks.” The loss of many chicken eggs is a theme that keeps coming up.


In a running gag in many videos, the man gives a thumbs-up, finger guns, or the middle finger, often while pointing the camera at the chaos that follows, usually right before the scene ends. The channel sometimes celebrates holidays and follows trends, and some videos have guest stars.

On March 24, 2018, HowToBasic put out a video that looked like a face reveal but was actually a parody in which several popular YouTubers joked about being the channel's author. This trick kept the real creator's identity a secret and had more than 80 well-known YouTubers make cameos.

HowToBasic Face Reveal

The HowToBasic YouTube channel is an absurdist comedy channel that shows you how to do everyday tasks by showing you the worst tutorials you can imagine. It's funny, and almost no one knows who is in charge of it.

This is probably why the video below, called “Face Reveal,” had more than 12 million views in less than two days. When the channel had 10 million followers, the person or people who made it wanted to be found out so that everyone could give credit to the evil mind(s) who made videos like these.

But in the unmasking video, we finally find out who has been taking us on all of these scary rides where we smash eggs. It turns out that this channel has been run by Michael Stevens of Vsauce for the past seven years. That is until Max Stanley of Maxmoefoe shows up and proves that he's really the channel's brains. This is then answered by a number of popular YouTubers who scream, shout, and beg to be the real HowToBasic.

It's an “I'm Spartacus” moment that blows your mind. Casey Neistat, Keemstar, Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs, iDubbbz, jacks films, and a lot of other YouTubers were in that video.

So, it's possible that we still don't know who's behind HowToBasic. But Small Might made a very good point in a YouTube reply. They wrote, “In a way, aren't we all HowToBasic?” “Don't we all just show others how to do things? And what's the wrong way to do it? I'm HowToBasic, and so are you. We're all HowToBasic!”

How do you feel after watching the real face of the creator of HowToBasics? Some people say he is not the real man behind all this creation. What are your thoughts on this stance? Let s know in the comment section below and do not forget to check our website for more such revelations.

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