How Summer House Season 5 Ended?

Summer should be enjoyable! Is it time for a Summer House reunion? It doesn't appear to be a lot of fun. With what seems to be a stressful sit-down with Andy Cohen, the season 5 cast is set to send it off one final time. Things appear to be going well at first, with jokes about manual labour, but when Hannah coughs in the middle of Kyle complimenting his fiancée, Amanda, the discussion takes a sharp turn.

Carl confronts Hannah for supposedly alleging on an unknown podcast that he had a drug issue, and Kyle labels her “the fakest buddy” before storming off set. Soon later, Hannah follows him, abandoning her seat after Luke makes a mystery dig at her, which she refers to as “the most f**ked-up thing.”

A Summary About the Summer House Season 5

The reality program follows a group of nine friends who rent a summer property in Montauk, “a breezy seaside town on Long Island's easternmost point that has become the summer playground for young professionals looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.”  Kyle Cooke, Cristina Gibson, Lindsay Hubbard, Stephen McGee, Carl Radke, Jaclyn Shuman, Everett Weston, Ashley Wirkus, and Lauren Wirkus are among the nine friends featured in the first season.

The tenth episode of Vanderpump Rules' fifth season, titled “Summer House Rules,” aired on January 9, 2017, as a cross-over preview to Summer House. Katie Maloney, Kristen Doute, Scheana Marie, and Stassi Schroeder travelled to New York to visit the summer residence with the group during the two-hour episode's changeover. The second half focused entirely on the Summer House cast after the Vanderpump Rules cast left New York. A total of 842,000 people watched the second half of the show.

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summer house season 5

Kyle is enraged to find his housemates have more laid-back plans for their Saturday night; Lindsay finally receives a grand gesture from Stephen; Carl returns from Pittsburgh to find the house in shambles. Kyle attempts to make apologies with Hannah; Lindsay considers quitting her engagement with Stephen; and when Hannah receives an explosive tip from her psychic, rumours fly like wildfire. Lindsay and Luke's maybe-not-so-innocent friendship is called into question when Amanda and Paige confront them about the juicy hookup rumor; sparks fly between Ciara and Carl; the guys corner Luke and demand he account for his behaviour.


How Summer House Season 5 Ended?

Lindsay wonders if she made a mistake when she broke up with Stephen; Kyle surprises Amanda for their two-year engagement anniversary after a pub crawl devolves into a serious conflict between the boys, prompting Luke to leave the house; Kyle surprises Amanda for their two-year engagement anniversary. The house is buzzing about Lindsay's tumultuous relationship since Stravy's return; Hannah and Danielle take their phone interactions to the next level; Luke is caught off guard by Hannah and Des' friendship; Paige has doubts about her relationship with Perry.

The roommates organise a wedding-themed party for Kyle and Amanda to celebrate the end of summer; Hannah, Paige, and Ciara manage their tricky friendships; and Lindsay and Stravy continue their romance.

Lindsay admits what Stravy was really doing in the house when he claimed to be working; Ciara, Luke, and Hannah revisit the unravelling of their love triangle; Ciara, Luke, and Hannah revisit the unravelling of their love triangle; Ciara, Luke, and Hannah revisit the unravelling of their love triangle.

Wrapping Up

Ciara has refused to allow any domestic conflict upset her after working on the front lines of the epidemic, and as a consequence, she has become an outstanding sounding board in the family. Unlike previous seasons, the friendships are genuine, the turmoil is authentic, and each episode has been gripping. Season five will continue to run on Bravo on Thursdays at 9 p.m., so there's more to look forward to.