How Ridiculous Net Worth 2022: Career, Biography, World Records & Latest Updates!

The Australian YouTube channel How Ridiculous is based in Perth, Western Australia. Brett Stanford, Derek Herron, and Scott Gaunson are the most well-known people on the channel.

As of June 2022, they have more than 4 billion video views and 11,300,000 subscribers. Most people know them for their trick shots and experiments in which they drop things from a great height, usually 45 meters, onto other things (165 feet).

How Ridiculous: Career

The members of the highly paid YouTube group met at church and started making videos in 2009. At first, the members made trick-shot videos for fun in their backyards with a fourth member, Kyle Nebel.

Currently, the group shows off by throwing or dropping things from high up. Since 2015, many videos have been made at the Leaning Tower of Gingin's Gravity Discovery Center.

How Ridiculous Net Worth

The most popular YouTubers and stunt people try to make trick shots, and they just put out a series of videos testing how different solid things are when thrown against obstacles. Weather balloons, panes of glass, and sheets of drywall are some things people are interested in.

Estimates show that How Ridiculous released a series of shorts on YouTube and Instagram in late 2021. Each one was less than a minute long and had scenes from their longer videos. In a short time, these videos went viral on both sites and were watched by hundreds of millions of people.

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When it was uploaded in November 2021, How Ridiculous' most-watched full-length YouTube video was of a competition between three stars at RAC Arena in Perth.

It shows Stanford, Gaunson, and Herron using different things to pop several weather balloons in a row while a Phantom Camera records what happens. One of the best objects was an arrow shot from a recurve bow, and another was a pile of screws thrown all at once.

Both of these things popped 11 balloons. New information from January 2022 shows that the balloon video has replaced the long-time leader, which was uploaded in October 2018. In this video, YouTube star Brett Stanford dropped a bowling ball onto a trampoline at the Luzzone Dam in Switzerland from 165 meters (541 feet) up.

In addition to Switzerland and the RAC Arena, the group has shot special video locations in places like the Australian Outback, Optus Stadium, Texas, Los Angeles, Turkey, Lesotho, Perth Motorplex, Dubai, and Serbia.

How Ridiculous Net Worth

Updates from 9 October 2020 show that the rich and famous YouTube group How Ridiculous started a new channel called HR Gaming, where Editor Jack Wallace and his brother Toby Wallace compete in games like Among Us, Minecraft, Rocket League, and Fortnite.

How Ridiculous Biography

Here is a detailed description of the three of them.

Brett Stanford Biography

Brett Stanford, who made the most money from How Ridiculous on YouTube, was born on April 22, 1988, in Australia. He is one of the most popular YouTubers today. He was mostly known for showing tricks on YouTube, which is how he became famous. About $1 million is how much Brett Stanford is worth.

How Ridiculous Net Worth

Derek Herron Biography

Derek Herron was born in Australia on March 3, 1988. He is a member of the How Ridiculous group and makes a lot of money from YouTube. About $1.5 million is how much Derek Herron is worth.

Scott Gaunson Biography

Scott Gaunson is the youngest member of the YouTube group How Ridiculous. He was born in Australia on January 3, 1992, and he has also been working hard to take the group's YouTube career to the next level.

Creator Awards

For their amazing work on YouTube, the three have won prestigious awards like:

  • YouTube Play Button in Silver
  • YouTube Play Button Gold

The Guinness World Records

What a joke! Wikipedia updates show that in 2017, the three set the Guinness World Record for “Longest golf putt (non-tournament)” at 120.6 meters (396 ft). Brett Stanford broke the record at the Point Walter golf course in Western Australia when he made the putt in question.

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What's new for January 19, 2018? How Ridiculous posted a video of a basketball shot from 201.42 meters (660.8 ft), which is the current record for “Greatest height from which a basketball is shot.” It took place at Maletsunyane Falls in the African country of Lesotho.

How Ridiculous has it held this record five times since they broke it in 2011 with a ball shot from 66.89 meters (219.5 feet) up? Brett Stanford also tried to break the Guinness World Record for “Highest ping-pong ball shot into a red plastic cup.”

How Ridiculous Net Worth

A video posted on August 27, 2021, shows this. The shot was taken from the catwalk of the RAC Arena in Perth, but it didn't count for the record because the cup used was 90 millimeters (3.5 in) in diameter instead of the required 85 millimeters (3.3 in).

How ridiculous! The rich and well-known YouTube group said that the mistake wasn't on purpose and that they plan to try again with a proper-sized cup at a later date.

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How Ridiculous has become well-known on YouTube because of its crazy experiments, challenges, and impossible feats? This has helped to increase their net worth.

How Ridiculous Net Worth

How Ridiculous is an Australian YouTube channel based in Perth, Western Australia? In recent months, it has gained a lot of attention for the variety of videos it posts. Estimates show that How Ridiculous will have a net worth of about $7 million in 2022.

Brett Isaac Stanford, Derek Douglas Herron, and Scott Steven Gaunson, who are the channel's main stars, are known as the top-earning YouTubers.

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