How Much Wealth Does Fernando Alonso Have?

Fernando Alonso is a Spanish racing driver who was born on July 29, 1981, in Oviedo, Spain. Alonso still is one of the best and most popular drivers in F1. Fernando Alonso, a two-time Formula one world racing championship winner, returns to the competition in 2021. The Net worth of Fernando Alonso is in the hundreds of millions.

How Did Fernando Alonso Build His Net Worth?

The Spanish personality, Fernando Alonso, increased his wealth over the period of his racing career by collecting hefty salaries from various F1 teams, prize money from victories, bonuses, and brand endorsements.

When Fernando Started His Career In Racing?

As a young driver, Alonso competed in his first car competition in 1999. He earned nine pole positions and six victories. In the next year, he replaced another driver who lost his funding while competing for Team Astromega.

He was earning $7 million in salary at the beginning of his F1 journey. Alonso had a remarkable $40 million payment at the peak of his F1 racing career.

Fernando began in 2001 as a Minardi driver. In the same year, Kimi Raikkonen also made his racing start. He began working with Renault in 2002 as a test driver. He kept his connection with Renault until 2006 and placed a lot of outstanding work. He won the San Marino Grand Prix in 2005. However, he did not make an impact at the Canadian and American Grand Prix.

Fernando Alonso

His worth as a racer had significantly increased by the end of the contract. He had contracts with McLaren and Renault from 2007 to 2009. The three-year contract was terminated by McLaren due to several controversies and incidents; Renault eventually took over.

He signed on with Ferrari in 2010 and competed for them up until 2014. Eventually, in 2015, he went back to McLaren and remained there until his retirement in 2018.

What Fernando Did Do After His Retirement From Formula 1?

Alonso's so-called retirement from Formula 1 was short-termed. In July 2020, Alonso declared that he would be making a comeback to the top of the racing world in 2021 with Renault and Alpine.

After serving two prior terms with the Enstone organization, Alonso completed a full circle by returning to the French team.

At the Renault-powered Alpine Racing for the 2021 season, the Spaniard joined Esteban Ocon. At the first Qatar Grand Prix, Alonso went on to secure his first podium finish in a long time. He remained with the squad till 2022.

What Is The Net Worth Of Fernando Alonso?

The estimated value of Fernando's net wealth in 2023 is $260 million. With McLaren, he earned a remarkable $33 million as compensation during his final F1 season. Despite missing out on F1 for two entire seasons, the Spaniard was treated like a star at Alpine, receiving a salary of $25M in 2021, making him the third highest-paid driver on the grid.

How Does Billionaire Fernando Alonso Used His Funding?

As per sources, Fernando Alonso has homes in his native Spain, and in Switzerland, England, and Dubai as well.

And of course, he has a collection of supercars, exclusive sports vehicles, and priceless collector's items from Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Maserati, Nissan, Porsche, Renault, and many other manufacturers in his garages.

Moreover, At the Fernando Alonso Sports Complex, the count of his personal auto collection may be up to 300.

Fernando complex

Do You Know Fernando Founded A Brand Kimoa?

Fernando Alonso established the company Kimoa and currently serves as its ambassador. Spanish retailer Kimoa specializes in selling clothing and accessories. Moreover, Fernando Alonso frequently wears stylish sunglasses manufactured by his clothing line, Kimoa.

Fernando Alonso


Fernando Alonso was the highest-paid racer in 2 decades, and he is one of the best drivers who worked for various car brands. His net worth is nearly $260 million.

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