How Do Portable Wi-Fi Hotspots Work – and When Can They Come in Handy?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you could do with the internet on the go? Maybe it’s because your phone has limited data and you don’t want to use it all, or you want to use your laptop to work during your daily commute. Maybe you want to be able to send sensitive information while you’re out and about without having to connect to a public network.

In these situations, a portable Wi-Fi hotspot can be a lifesaver. We look and what they are and when they can come in handy.

What is a portable Wi-Fi hotspot?

In 2022, it’s no secret that we’re reliant on the internet. In our digitally focused world, many of us need it to work or carry out basic daily tasks. In fact, it’s so essential to us that an increasing number of people are creating tech survival kits, like this one shared by ExpressVPN.

Included in the list of items this kit should contain, alongside SD cards, satellite phones, and so on, you’ll notice a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. But what exactly is this? To put it simply, it’s a Wi-Fi emitter that isn’t tied to a physical location. Unlike the router installed in your house, you can pick it up and move it around without disrupting your internet connection.

Typically, this sort of device works by connecting to 3G and 4G networks, much like a smartphone. For this reason, many hotspots require a sim card to work. You’ll find a more in-depth explanation in this article from

When can you use one?

Whenever you need to! You’ll find the scenarios where it can come in handy are numerous. This is mostly because of our increasing reliance on the internet. In recent years, many jobs have moved partially or fully online, with remote work on the rise.

According to statistics from Apollo Technical, a quarter of Americans now work remotely. This can take a variety of forms, whether you work from home, on the go, or split your time between home and the office. Either way, you need the internet to stay connected. This means employees are turning to mobile devices to complete their work – but these are much less useful if you don’t have an internet connection that can move with them.

If you’re in the office or at home, it’s not such a problem, as you’ll likely have access to a reliable Wi-Fi connection. If you have a penchant to work on the go, however, it’s a bit more difficult.

Even if you have access to a public connection – such as the ones you’ll find in coffee shops – this comes with its own challenges, with security issues being foremost among them. With hackers posing a real danger, you certainly don’t want to be sending or receiving sensitive information.

You could connect to your phone’s hotspot, but this has its drawbacks too. Firstly, you may have limited data as part of your plan, and the more of this you use on other devices, the less is left for browsing on your smartphone. Secondly, your phone battery is likely to drain at a rapid rate. The obvious solution, then, is a mobile hotspot.

When it comes to accessing the internet on the go, portable hotspots can come in really handy – especially for those who like to work outside of fixed locations like home and the office. Is this simple technical solution one that could be of use to you?

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