How Did Zeke Die in Attack on Titan?

The world of Attack on Titan has given us some fantastic characters, one of whom is Zeke Yaeger, our main protagonist's half-brother.

He begins as a villain, but as time passes, he reveals himself to be someone who wants nothing more than a peaceful life for his own people. However, what happened to him in the most recent episode has every fan wondering if he truly perished.

During his time in Marley, Grisha had Zeke with Dina Fritz. Zeke's mother was the last descendant of the royal family in Marley; therefore, he inherited the same blood in his veins when he was born. That's one of the main reasons Zeke gets to play such an important role in the plot.

Attack on Titan begins with a lot of bloodshed and concludes with more of the same. We witnessed the deaths of several innocent people, as well as several prominent figures, including Hange, Hannes, Shasha, and many others.

So, let us now discuss whether Zeke meets his horrible fate in the anime's conclusion.

Who is Zeke Yeager in Attack on Titan?

Zeke Yeager, as is typical in the universe of Attack on Titan, is a complicated man with a convoluted background. Zeke, the first-born son of Grisha Yeager and born in Marley, had a difficult start.

He was an Eldian, the same race as the Paradise Island characters. The Marley people in Attack on Titan despised him.

How Did Zeke Die

As he worked his way up the ranks, Zeke was praised for his excellent mind and talents, as well as his royal ancestry, making him the ideal candidate for the Beast Titan form.

Despite his accomplishments, Zeke was frequently regarded as the ‘worst of the worst' when it came to Eldians' left on Marley.

Despite his own beginnings, he was brainwashed by Marleyan propaganda, even turning in his mother and father.

Zeke was also a member of Marley's Warrior Unit, which was dispatched to enter Paradise Island and collect the Founding Titan, or, to be more precise, its leader.

The Warrior Trio went as far as they did because of his schemes and ideas. In turn, Zeke frequently masterminded Titan-related events in the series, especially near the conclusion when he switches sides so frequently that he's playing chess on many boards.

How Did Zeke Die in the Attack on Titan?

Levi Ackerman kills Zeke in the final episode of Attack on Titan. Zeke was introduced to us in Season 2 as the Beast Titan, and he did not appear in his human form until Season 3.

Zeke's Titan was unlike any other Titan in the series in that it resembled an ape. His Titan was so powerful that Reiner, the Armored Titan, dreaded him and regarded him as Marley's hero.

How Did Zeke Die

Despite his intellect, Zeke couldn't stop Eren from manipulating him for his own purposes. Eren realized that even if he had inherited the powers of the Founding Titan, he couldn't control them unless he met someone of royal lineage. As a result, without Zeke, his rumbling would be impossible.

To be honest, this is the finest analogy I've seen for the “it was all for nothing” perspectives on Paradise's future LMAO.

In fact, this makes me think more of Zeke and Armin's conversation, about how they appreciate their brief moments despite the fact that they all die one day.

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However, when Zeke and Armin talk in the Paths, the latter convinces the former that he is committing a sin by assisting Eren in the mass murder. As a result, Zeke has a change of heart, and he chooses to halt Rumbling by killing himself.

While every other soldier searches for Eren within the Founding Titan, Zeke purposefully appears in front of Levi in human form and is slain. Levi would kill Zeke without even flinching, and that's exactly what happened.

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