How Did Wyatt Die in Ozark? Who Killed Wyatt in Season 4?

There are so many twists in Ozark Season 4's first half that it's impossible to keep track of them all.

But, in between FBI agreements, voting machine talks, rogue lawyers, and enraged nephews, there came one astonishing, all-consuming bombshell that you just know will change the entire DNA of this program.

Yes, a big character died in Ozark Season 4. And we're here to discuss it.

Are you curious about who died, who was to blame, and what might happen next?

Here's your one-stop shop for all of that and more. There will be spoilers ahead.

Who Killed Wyatt in Ozark Season 4?

That would be Javi Elizonndro (Alfonso Herrera), Omar Navarro's (Felix Solis) nephew and the new leader of the Navarro Cartel. Javi rushed into Darlene's (Lisa Emery) and Wyatt's (Charlie Tahan) home in Episode 7 and forced them to sit down.

He then shot both of them on their couch. Worst of all?

This double murder occurred shortly after Wyatt and Darlene's wedding, making it the worst wedding gift in history.

How Was Wyatt Killed?

Javi, as previously stated, is responsible for Wyatt's death, as he murdered both him and Darlene shortly after their wedding while the newlywed couple was in their home. But, how did Javi murder Wyatt?

How Did Wyatt Die in Ozark

Wyatt and Darlene moved into their new home after their wedding. Javi, on the other hand, stormed into the house and ordered that the two sit on their couch.

While they were sitting on their couch, the drug lord shot Darlene in cold blood and then shot Wyatt for good measure.

Why Did Javi Murder Darlene and Wyatt?

Before we get into the why, let's take a moment to recall who Javi is. In contrast to Mexico, Omar Navarro understood how things work in America.

As much as he despised twisting himself through the maze of bureaucracy, he did it, paying the Byrdes and Helen (Janet McTeer) to make his dirty work more visible to the US government.

People were undoubtedly murdered, but their deaths were manufactured to appear as implausible disappearances.

That is not something Javi does. When he came across an interfering police officer in the Ozarks, he shot him in broad daylight, disregarding the ramifications of killing an American citizen and US inquiries.

How Did Wyatt Die in Ozark

Javi meant it when he told Darlene Snell to quit selling heroin.

He didn't waste time bargaining with Darlene or inquiring as to why she disobeyed his direct order.

He simply murdered her for disobeying him, and he then murdered Wyatt for good measure.

Darlene's murder makes sense, as much as it sucks to lose one of Ozark's most insane characters.

Darlene has undercut the Navarro Cartel, tainted their cache to catch the notice of the US authorities, and made Wendy's (Laura Linney) and Marty's (Jason Bateman) lives a living misery, sometimes just for fun.

Killing her was a wise decision. But murdering Wyatt? That was just plain cruel. It'll also send Ruth (Julia Garner) into a frenzy, something we can't wait to watch.

Does Ruth Get Revenge on Javi?

Yes, Ruth (Julia Garner) kills Javi to revenge on her cousin during Season 4 Part Two.

This vengeance mission was expected to be a fixture in Ruth's arc throughout this last chapter, according to show fans.

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Despite the Byrdes' efforts to prevent Ruth from carrying out her plan, Wendy soon concluded that their efforts were ineffective and invited Javi to a conference in Chicago. Ruth pursued and murdered Javi.

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