How Did Umaga Die? What Was the Cause of WWE Legend’s Tragic Death?

Even though the professional wrestling industry gives fans a lot of happiness and (most of the time) something fun to do, it has also seen a lot of tragedy over the years. In every age and era, there have been a lot of wrestlers who were taken away way too soon. Umaga, who was known as “The Samoan Bulldozer,” died way too young. He was only 36 years old when he died. WWE didn't say much about his death at the time, and they haven't said much about it since. This may make some fans wonder what happened when he died.

How Did Umaga Die?

When it comes to the late hero Umaga, he is one of the family members who isn't talked about very often. His time with the company, on the other hand, is written into the history of Samoan wrestling. On December 4, 2009, the Samoan Bulldozer died. He died from a mixture of liver and heart disease, as well as acute toxicity, which was caused by a mix of painkillers, anxiety medicine, and muscle relaxants.

The late star's wife found him passed out on the floor. When the paramedics got there quickly, it was decided that he had a heart attack. The doctors were able to get his heart going again, but he had a second heart attack and died in the end. He died when he was only 36 years old, which completely shocked the WWE Universe and all of his fans.

Brief Details About Umaga

Fatu was born to Vera and Solofa on March 28, 1973, who was from the family of Anoa'i. His mother, Vera, was the sister of The Wild Samoans Afa and Sika. Sam (The Tonga Kid) and Solofa (Rikishi), his older brothers, are also competitive wrestlers. He was also the uncle of The Usos and Solo Sikoa, as well as the cousin of Yokozuna, Rosey, and Roman Reigns, who are all famous wrestlers. Fatu's mother died on April 27, 2008, after fighting cancer for seven years.


Fatu has a wife named L.T. There were four kids in the family. One of them that stands out is Zilla Fatu, who, as of December 2022, is said to be training to become a pro wrestler in Booker T's Reality of Wrestling (ROW). Zilla's first pro wrestling match would be on July 15, 2023.

Umaga's WWE Career Ended in an Unsavory Way

WWE has a very strict health policy, and if it is broken, even the best professional wrestler will lose their job. The Samoan Bulldozer had his first match in WWE in 2002 with his late cousin Rosey, who was the older brother of Roman Reigns. As a tag team, they were known as the 3-Minute Warning, and fans loved their general look and performance.

He was let go soon after that, but he came back to the company as one of its biggest stars. But what could have been a great success ended in tragedy? The Samoan Bulldozer broke WWE's health policy for the second time and this time he didn't want to get help from rehab. Because of this, the company got out of its deal with him in June 2009. WWE said that Umaga was fired in a short statement after the untimely death of the late champion.


Umaga and Rosey were both very important people in the Anoa'i Family, and it goes without saying that they are remembered with love every day.

At the moment, Roman Reigns, Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso, and Solo Sikoa are all working for WWE. They have joined together to make a group called The Bloodline, which has become one of the most powerful heel groups in the company's history.

No one knows what would have happened if Umaga was still alive. Let us know in the comment section below who is your thought on this stance. And do not forget to check back to our website for more news and updates buzzing around you!

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