How Did Tylee and JJ Die? 

“Dateline” on NBC came back to examine the bizarre case of Tylee Ryan and JJ Vallow's abduction. Their mother, Lori Vallow Daybell, and her husband, Chad Daybell, have already come under scrutiny from investigators.

But earlier in June 2020, the authorities uncovered a horrifying discovery that sparked developments in the case of Tylee and JJ, who have only been missing up until this time. The bodies of JJ and Tylee were discovered by the authorities and buried on Chad's land. So how did they pass away?

“Dateline” provides an in-depth examination of the case from the viewpoint of Melanie Gibb, the couple's close friend. Nonetheless, you can find all of the most recent information about the case, including news, updates, and developments, right here.

How Did Tylee and JJ Die?

Close friends and family worried that Lori's apocalyptic preoccupation had gotten out of control since she continued to believe that her two youngest children were zombies, just before JJ and Tylee vanished.

Tylee was last observed, according to sources, traveling with Lori's brother, Alex Cox, to Yellowstone National Park in late September 2019. Conversely, witnesses last saw JJ at his elementary school, just before his mother decided to homeschool him instead of withdrawing him from all classes.

After the kids vanished, both friends and family members urged the authorities to look into their well-being. But June of the following year was when their bodies were discovered.

How Did Tylee and JJ Die? 

JJ was in Arizona visiting a family friend, according to Lori. Her son and daughter had been brutally murdered and buried on Chad Daybell's estate in Salem, Idaho; it was later discovered.

Although Tylee's body was burned, dissected, and dumped in the property's pet graveyard, JJ was discovered dead inside a plastic bag that had been duct-taped.

Only Chad and Lori are aware of the true circumstances surrounding JJ and Tylee's disappearance at this time in the ongoing investigation. The police, however, discovered a series of cryptic communications that turned out to be highly instructive.

As stated in the complaint, Chad texted, “This morning has been fascinating! Before the approaching storms thoroughly wet the debris from the fallen limbs, I thought it best to burn it all near the fire pit.

“As I was doing so, I noticed a large raccoon along the fence,” the note stated. He was still strolling when I quickly grabbed my revolver. I was close enough that a single shot was effective. We now have him in our pet graveyard. Enjoyable moments!”

Finding of Tylee and JJ's Bodies

On September 8, 2019, Tylee Ryan, her mother, her uncle, Alex Cox, and JJ visited Yellowstone National Park. She was last seen alive on that date.

From September 19 to September 23, Gibb, a friend of the couple, and her partner drove from Arizona to Rexburg. They didn't see Tylee, though, and Lori mentioned that she was enrolled at Brigham Young University in Idaho.

Upon reviewing Cox's records for the investigation, the police discovered that on September 9th, between midnight and six in the morning, he was at Lori's residence. Next, Cox's phone was found at the east end of the barn on Chad's property.

The detectives were skeptical of text communication between Chad and Tammy since it described Chad shooting a raccoon during the day, even though raccoons are supposedly evening animals. After making further inquiries, the police discovered that the Daybell property contained a pet cemetery.

Cox's phone had located him near the fire pit at the east end of the barn. When the police decided to investigate further on June 9th, they found something quite graphic.

Regarding JJ, Lori pulled him out of Kennedy Elementary School in Rexburg. She committed to homeschooling her son. On September 22, when Cox brought JJ to his apartment, Gibb and her boyfriend, Warwick, saw JJ for the final time.

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Later that evening, when Alex came back, JJ seemed to be dozing off on his shoulder. When Gibb and Warwick asked Lori why they hadn't seen JJ the following morning, she responded that Alex had abducted him. After examining Cox's phone location during the morning of September 23rd once more, the authorities discovered that he was on the Daybell property close to the pond.

In a startling turn of events, the police probed around and found JJ and Tylee's bones. As you can see below, the police have formally certified that the remains are those of the children.

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