How Did Travis’ Husband Die on Station 19? What Happened to Michael?

Station 19 is an action-drama TV show that was made by Stacy McKee. In March 2020, the show was extended for a fourth season, which started on November 12, 2020. One of the characters on the show, Michael, has died. Many ideas have been floating around about what happened to Michael on Station 19. Read on if you want to know more.

What Is Station 19 About?

Station 19 first aired on March 22, 2018, on ABC. It is the second show to come from Grey's Anatomy. The main characters in Station 19 are played by Jaina Lee Ortiz, Jason George, Grey Damon, Barrett Doss, Alberto Frezza, Jay Hayden, Okieriete Onaodowan, Danielle Savre, Boris Kodjoe, Stefania Spampinato, and Miguel Sandoval. Many other actors play supporting parts.

McKee was the producer for the first two seasons. Since season three, Krista Vernoff has been in charge. The show takes place in Seattle and is about the men and women who work at Seattle Fire Station 19. “It follows a group of brave firefighters from the Seattle Fire Department at Station 19, from the captain to the newest recruit, in their personal and professional lives,” says the official summary. Most of the show's scenes are shot in Los Angeles. IMDb gives the show a score of 6.6 out of 10 for having more than 50 episodes. The show can be watched on Disney+ Hotstar.

What Happened to Travis' Husband Michael On Station 19?

In Station 19, Travis Montgomery dealt with the death of his husband Michael. In one episode, it is shown that Michael died in a working accident because a newly hired captain gave him the wrong orders.

Travis tells firefighter Dean Miller about Michael's death while he is still upset about it. He says, “I thought most people might be lucky enough to have one big love. I had my own,”

The couple had trouble with their relationship because Travis' folks didn't accept them because they were both gay.

How Did Travis' Husband Michael Die on Station 19

In the show, Travis's death changes Michael's point of view, and he is often seen going through the stages of sadness and loss.

Jay Haden, who plays Travis, talked to TV Guide about his connection with Michael. He said, “It's nice to see a little more of [Travis's] tender side in the way he interacts with Michael, the guy we've been talking about for two seasons.

“We finally get to see his face and find out what that relationship was like. We might also get to see a different side of Travis that changed a lot after Michael died.”

When Did the Movie Station 19 Come Out?

The show has been on ABC since March 22, 2018, when it made its debut. When the first season came out, critics and fans loved it, which led to the restart of more seasons.

The show was picked up for a fourth season in March 2020, but shooting had to stop because of the coronavirus. The start of season four was on November 12, 2020.

The show is made by Shondaland and ABC Studios. For the first two seasons, McKee was the producer. Since season three, Krista Vernoff has been in charge.

How Can I Watch Station 19?

You can watch Station 19 on ABC. You can also watch all of the shows on Hulu and for free on the ABC website if you have cable.

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