How Did the Norris Nuts’ Dog Die? What Happened to the Puppy Bubba?

The Norris Nuts family revealed the death of their pet Bubba.

The video makers and YouTubers revealed their dog, which they got in July of this year, on YouTube a week ago.

But in a recent video, they reported the loss of their pet, Bubba, and this is what they alleged happened to him.

Who is the Norris Nuts Family?

The Norris Nuts are an Australian family of eight who make vlogs, vacation content, and movies with their six children that include fun challenges and pranks.

YouTubers, who first appeared on the video site in 2014, now have over 5.5 million subscribers.

How Did the Norris Nuts' Dog Die

They also have 1 million Instagram followers between them.

Brooke and Justin Norris of the Norris children talked out about a sad accident involving their puppy Bubba in a recent YouTube video.

How Did the Norris Nuts Dog Die?

The Norris Nuts' parents said that their pet, Bubba, died unexpectedly in a “tragic accident.” Bubba was almost nine weeks old at the time.

Brooke revealed in the video that the dog died as a result of an event involving Justin, but that it was not Justin's fault.

How Did the Norris Nuts' Dog Die

“He [Justin] was involved in the accident,” added Brooke. “It's not his fault. It wasn't due to laziness.

It was simply the wrong place at the wrong time. He also had to bury the dog. That was something the kids had to go through. It was simply traumatic.”

The pair told their followers that Bubba's terrible demise helped them value the time they spend with their family and loved ones.

“Tell them [you love them] when they are alive,” Brooke and Justin suggested. “That's what Bubba taught us.”

How Did Fans React to the News of Nut's Demise?

Following the horrific event, messages of love and support flooded in for the Norris Nuts family.

“I can't imagine how traumatic this was for the kids especially Naz because of her love for animals,” a reader wrote.

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“I'm literally crying omg I was so excited for the Norris nuts to have a dog,” another viewer commented.

“I feel so sad [because] I have a dog as well, and hearing this is just hurting me,” said another. But they need to take a break from YouTube.”

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