How Did Squidward Die? | TikTok Trend

Spongebob Squarepants is part of the current TikTok craze, but it's not a light-hearted comedy. Squidward's death challenge is the latest craze. The song Rät by Penelope Scott should accompany the creators of the videos put on YouTube, which asks people to videotape themselves before and after watching a video.

The challenge began yesterday and has already garnered over 9k views on the hashtag since its inception.

A Fan-made Youtube Video sparked the Tiktok Craze


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On the video streaming service, customers are instructed to watch videos titled “Squidward's Suicide Lost Episode” or “Red Mist.” Videos uploaded by fans depict Sqiudward's everyday struggle and the emotional turmoil he went through before shooting himself in the head. Edited and spooky music accompany segments from the episode.

Origin of the Creepy Theory

Creepypasta, an internet phenomenon dedicated to spreading urban legends, is the source of this video.

“There are a variety of horror-related tales known as creepypastas circulated on the Internet. These stories are frequently short, user-created, and meant to frighten viewers over the Internet.” Since then, the phrase “creepypasta” has referred to any Internet-based horror material.

An intern at Nickelodeon who claimed to have seen “Squidward's Suicide” relayed the story in the video. In the end, the octopus took his own life in the episode he watched.

The video's purpose was to shock and traumatize viewers and ultimately impact TikTok participants. Users' emotions, expected to be shown in the film's second half, are depicted in terrified and befuddled expressions.

What Is Included in the Video?

The title card for Squidward's Suicide is shown at the beginning of the episode. This is followed by Squidward being unable to play his clarinet correctly. We should test our bravery now because it's fun to be terrified of others.

Outside of his residence, he was SpongeBob, and Patrick's laughter startled him in the street. In preparation for a performance that goes wrong, Squidward is insistent that they both stop giggling.

Even SpongeBob and Patrick looked to have red eyes similar to those after crying for two hours as the audience praised his act.

A mortified and ashamed Squidward may be seen wailing on his knees in his chamber. It was not Squidward's voice that was heard sobbing or screaming, but rather an unidentifiable ghost.

During the moment, Squidward's face is shown to the camera. It's not apparent if the guy behind the video is normal or insane. Furthermore, if the video was not working at the time, weird noises were heard in the movie's background as it moved quickly.

The screams stopped, and I don't know if I could hear the booming voice that screamed “Do it!” in front of Squidward with the shotgun in his mouth as the camera pans. Then, whoosh! After Squidward commits himself, the camera again displays his body's remains.

Although it's unclear who the narrator of the harrowing video is, he's safe because the film demonstrates that he has a troubling mental state.

No, I didn't intend to finish the narrative at this point, but I'm compelled to do so, which is a shame. No! Even though it's three o'clock in the morning, I'm not too concerned. So, please don't be too hard on me.