How Did Spider-Man’s Parents Die in the Marvel Universe?

Aunt May and Uncle Ben are Spider-Man's parents in every aspect. While they were not Peter Parker's real parents, they raised him as their own son and taught him crucial lessons about power and responsibility.

However, their presence raises some suspicions regarding Peter Parker's birth parents. These questions have received varying responses throughout Spider-Man's comic book and film adventures.

What truly happened to Peter's birth parents, and what prevented them from being a part of his life?

How Did Spider-Man's Parents Die?

Richard Parker, Ben Parker's younger brother and a decorated veteran, appeared in the core Marvel Universe. Richard met and fell in love with Mary Fitzpatrick, a CIA translator and data analyst, after being recruited to the CIA after serving in the Army.

They married soon after and eventually became partners as they traveled the world and dealt with national security issues.

In Untold Tales of Spider-Man #-1 by Roger Stern and John Romita, they saved Wolverine while he was serving overseas, and he disclosed that Mary was pregnant with their first child.

How Did Spider-Man's Parents

This would be their son Peter, who would be followed by Teresa.

Albert Malik, the third Red Skull, confronted the couple not long after Teresa's birth. They were detected while infiltrating his outfit, and their jet was sabotaged, seemingly killing both of them in the ensuing accident.

Peter grew up with Ben and his wife May, while Teresa, their younger daughter, was adopted and kept a secret from their family.

Later, Chameleon utilized Life Model Decoys of Spider-Man's parents to target Peter and his family as part of a plan devised by Harry Osborn while he was the Green Goblin.

They were eventually discovered and vanquished, owing largely to Mary's LMD developing human emotions for the Parker family.

What Is The Truth About Peter Parker’s Father?

Most people are aware that Peter Parker's father, Richard, died while he was a child. The truth about his death, however, is substantially different from what most people believe. Richard Parker was not killed in a plane crash, as many people believe.

In reality, he was a participant in a botched government experiment. The project was designed to create super troops by injecting them with spider venom serum.

Unfortunately, the serum had certain unanticipated adverse effects that drove Richard mad. He ended up killing multiple individuals before being apprehended by the government.

Because they want to shelter Peter from reality, Peter's Aunt May and Uncle Ben always tell him that his father died in an aircraft crash. They know that if Peter ever learns the truth, it will certainly drive him nuts as well.

Spider-man 2′ Scene Regarding Peter Parker's Parents

For decades, Marvel has tinkered with the origin tales of its most popular heroes in the comics, and Andrew Garfield's Amazing Spider-Man 2 was apparently planning a big reveal about Peter's parents that, honestly, would've changed the hero's entire identity.

Stan Lee (RIP, pour one out) famously stated that one of his favorite aspects of Spider-Man is that he could be anyone behind that mask.

However, this deleted scene shows that Richard Parker (Peter's father) is still alive. In the film, Peter's parents died in a strange plane crash, and we learn that only his mother died in the incident.

The tragedy is addressed from the beginning of the first Amazing Spider-Man film, but this poignant excerpt shows Peter struggling to accept the truth that his father is still alive.

Now, here's when things tend to go off the rails and fan speculations for the MCU begin to come in: In the comics, a Spider-Man storyline revealed that Peter's parents were actually S.H.I.E.L.D. spies.

Richard apparently collaborated with Oscorp, and the genetically altered spiders were used in conjunction with Richard's own DNA.

This means that the radioactive spider that bit Peter was never going to grant him powers like any other rando who got lost on a school trip.

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According to speculations, the MCU will feature this narrative with Peter's parents.

Does this suggest that the MCU will take up where this deleted scene left off after the events of No Way Home and rumors that Andrew Garfield will star in numerous future Spider-Man projects? Will this be included in Tom Holland's Spider-Man? All we can do is wait and see.

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