How Did Ryan Knight Die? What Happened to the Challenge Champ?

Ryan Knight was an instant hit when he debuted on The Real World: New Orleans. Knight and his roommate, Jemmye Carroll, rapidly developed affection for each other, and they married in episode three.

Ryan, according to Jemmye, was the ‘first white boy she ever hooked up with.'

Reality show romances are rarely without drama, and Knight and Carroll's courtship was no exception.

Their affair ended when Ryan cheated on his ex-girlfriend. Despite this, he remained a fan favorite during his stint on reality television.

The Real World family suffered a setback in November 2014 when one of its stars Ryan Knight died.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at who Ryan Knight was, his journey on “The Challenge,” and what happened to him.

Ryan Knight and The Challenge

Ryan Knight, star of The Real World: New Orleans (2010) and “The Challenge” (2013), died at the age of 28. On Thursday, the network disclosed that the Real World family had lost another member.

It was the second death of a “Challenge” cast member in November. According to the autopsy results, Knight overdosed by accident.

How Did Ryan Knight Die?

Ryan died as a result of accidental drug and alcohol abuse. Ryan Knight died on November 27, 2014, after a night of partying. According to TMZ, Knight appeared to be in excellent spirits the night before his death and was discussing a new romance with friends. On Thanksgiving morning, his buddies discovered him dead.

The autopsy a day later revealed nothing. It would be months before the public knew that Ryan Knight died as a result of unintentional drug and alcohol consumption.

How Did Ryan Knight Die

Ryan had various substances in his system, including alprazolam, tramadol, and methadone, according to the medical examiner in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in late March 2015.

Knight passed away two weeks after The Real World lost Diem Brown after a long fight with cancer. Ryan and Diem appeared on The Challenge together and were great friends. Ryan altered his Twitter profile image to one of him and Brown after Diem died.

“A funeral for an Angel tomorrow,” Ryan wrote on Twitter. “She'll soar to new heights and shine brightly.” And she'll undoubtedly be dancing over us. “I adore you, DB.”

A year after Knight's death, his friend Zach Nichols recounted a different version of the night Ryan died. “He was just in a lot of pain that day, and I could tell he was not in a good state of mind,” Nichols explained to MTV. “But you don't always think the worst in those situations.”

“That was the first time I really thought maybe he's actually upset.” Nichols commended Knight, saying he had a golden heart. Zach went on to say:

“He loved and cared about people who didn't always do the same for him, and I think that says a lot.” It's difficult to love someone unconditionally when they don't reciprocate. And he adored everyone on the show, regardless of what they said or did.”

What Happened With Ryan Knight?

According to TMZ, he died with alcohol, methadone, tramadol, cocaine, and Xanax in his system. When “Battle of the Exes II” premiered, the memory of Knight and Brown was honored.

Carroll remarked in a tweet on the day of his death, “Words will never adequately describe the bond we shared & the pain I will always feel.” Knight displayed the most carefree attitude.

He lived in the present and was unconcerned about the future; I've learned in the last few months that life is too short to postpone following your instincts.

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I don't plan on returning to The Challenge. It wouldn't feel right without him, even if he would say, “F— that, go do it.” He was genuinely present for all of our shows, whether good or bad.

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