How did Ric Flair’s Son Die?

Life holds only one promise for all of us, and that is that it will end. We don't know when or how we'll die, and it's up to us to enjoy the time we have on this strange rock floating through space, but that doesn't make it any easier to deal with someone dying, particularly if one of our own children dies before us.

That's what happened to Ric Flair and his son Reid, who was a longtime pro wrestling champion.

How did Ric Flair's Son Die?

Reid Flair was Richard Reid Fliehr's ring name. He started wrestling professionally very young, just like his father. The truth is that on June 12, 2000, he defeated Eric Bischoff in WCW, which WWE later acquired. He also fought David Flair and Vince Russo as part of a tag team match with his father.

How did Ric Flair's Son Die?

Reid fought in amateur wrestling leagues like Big Time and Northeast Wrestling, as well as All Japan Pro Wrestling.

Reid was found in bed at a Residence Inn in Charlotte, N.C., on March 29, 2013. He died when he was only 25 years old.

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A few weeks later, on June 14, his autopsy report would say that he had small amounts of alprazolam and clonazepam in his body. It was said that these two tranquilizers played a part in his death.

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