How Did Pudgy Die? What Happened to Famous “Owa Owa” TikTok Dog?

TikTok has become a popular platform where many individuals share videos of themselves going about their daily lives. Malachy chose to introduce the world to his dog Pudgy, who became known as “Owa Owa dog.”

Pudgy the Dog aka Pudgy Woke, had amassed a sizable following on TikTok.

On July 16, 2021, Pudgy's owner, Malachy James, finally revealed how he died.

Who Was Pudgy?

Pudgy was a long-haired chihuahua who gained a sizable fan base on social media.

He has 12.4 million TikTok followers, 446k Instagram admirers, and 12k Twitter followers.

At the same time, Pudgy's bark was the one thing that drew everyone's attention.

As a result, he was also known as the OWA OWA dog.

Malachy's friend had discovered Pudgy on the side of the road and decided to bring it home.

Malachy knew Pudgy would be precious to him from the moment they met.

“I instantly had a special connection with Pudgy and didn't want to ever let him out of my sight,” he stated in an interview.

How Did Pudgy Die

My brother's friend couldn't afford a dog, so my mother and I adopted him and he's been with us ever since.

The chihuahua had over 12 million TikTok followers, and his most recent video had over 9 million views.

Pudgy was known for making a “owa owa” sound, garnering him the moniker “Owa Owa dog.”

Pudgy was named after the dog in the Betty Boop movies, which Malachy James used to watch as a child with his mother.

He acquired the dog after discovering him wandering the streets after fleeing an abusive household.

The dog was probably 11 or 12 years old.

Pudgy's owner, Malachy James, who is also a TikTok influencer, told In The Know that “he's always made unique noises” since they met when James was 5 years old.

How Did Pudgy Die?

On his YouTube account, James produced a video titled “What happened to PudgyWoke,” in which he announced Pudgy's death and detailed what had transpired.

He disclosed:

“I meet this guy who has his dog on a leash. He introduced me, and I introduced him to Pudgy. This guy wanted Pudgy to meet his dog. So I put Pudgy down, and I assumed they were about to just sniff each other. That’s what dogs usually do when they meet each other. This just wasn’t the case. This dog instantly attacked Pudgy, and I am fighting with this dog.”

Malachy James then revealed that Pudgy was brought to the animal hospital, where he was informed that the dog would require surgery, which would cost between $12,000 and $15,000.

While the family in the United States opted to fund the medical costs, the physicians advised Pudgy that even if he underwent the surgery, his prospects of life were minimal.

Malachy had to make the difficult decision to put his dog down since the family did not want it to suffer any longer.

Tributes Poured in for Pudgy

Fans paid tribute to the beloved canine on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube in the comments sections. They were heartbroken to learn that Pudgy had to die in agony.

How Did Pudgy Die

Pudgy has received numerous tributes. People paid their respects to Pudgy as soon as they learned of his death.

One of them wrote, “REST IN PEACE PUDGY THE OWA OWA DOG,” while another said, “Pudgy the owa owa dog went away:( Little ripper You brightened the lives of so many people! “We all adore you!” “Just found out Pudgy the owa owa dog died:(,” said a third. “My day has been ruined, and I am heartbroken.” “PUDGY THE DOG DIED:(((” said another. CAN I PLEASE HAVE ONE LAST OWA OWA?” “Just found out Pudgy the Owa Owa dog is no longer with us,” the next joked. “I'm so disappointed.”

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Someone else said, “Pudgy (owa owa dog) passed away life is meaningless and I am upset beyond explanation.” Another remarked, “Pudgy went to dog heaven.”

“Found out Pudgy the dog died and my days have been ruined,” one commentator tweeted. “Pudgy died,” one individual said. God pardon the dog that attacked him because I will not.” “Pudgy the owa owa dog died,” said another. Nobody talks to me because I'm in disarray.”

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