How Did Pedro Die In Encanto Movie?

Lin-Manuel Miranda contributed songs to Moana, probably Disney's best-animated musical of all time. Sure, he had a lot of support from Opetaia Foa'i and Mark Mancina, but Lin is a constant fixture of Broadway and everything linked with it, so when a new musical with his name attached to it comes out, people pay attention.

This is why many musical fans were anticipating Disney's Encanto, a charming family film set in Colombia. However, some storyline issues in the film perplexed fans. In the film, who assassinated Pedro?

What Is Encanto About?

“Encanto” is a Disney animated musical film released in 2021. The movie is set in a fictional Colombian village called Encanto, which is known for its enchanting and magical properties. The story revolves around the Madrigal family, who are granted unique magical powers by a mystical candle in their house. Every member of the family, except for one, has a special ability, whether it's superhuman strength, control over plants, or the ability to communicate with animals.

How Did Pedro Die In Encanto

The main character, Mirabel Madrigal, is the only family member without magical abilities, which sets her apart from her relatives. Despite not having any powers, Mirabel is determined to protect her family and their magical home when the Encanto's magic starts to fade and put their village in danger.

As Mirabel embarks on a quest to uncover the source of the magic's disappearance, she discovers secrets about her family, their history, and her own place within the Madrigal clan. Along the way, the film explores themes of family, self-discovery, and the importance of embracing one's uniqueness.

“Encanto” is not only a visually stunning animated film but also a heartwarming story with catchy musical numbers that have contributed to its widespread popularity. The film celebrates diversity, inner strength, and the power of family bonds, making it a beloved addition to Disney's animated film catalog.

How Did Pedro Die In Encanto?

Encanto makes it abundantly obvious from the start that the film is about a broken family's ability to heal after a catastrophic loss. We hear about the Madrigal clan's magical skills at the opening of the film. After Pedro, the Madrigal matriarch, dies, Abuela Alma is given a candle that has a strange influence on the family.

How Did Pedro Die In Encanto

It quickly becomes clear that the Madrigals have extraordinary skills, which they employ to benefit those around them. They dwell in a lovely magical mansion that cleans and governs itself. They throw huge parties, help locals in their picturesque rural hamlet, and are adored and revered by all for their selflessness.

The root of their magic, however, was Alma and Pedro's love. They first met during a local ceremony called Day of the Little Candles and instantly fell in love.

However, before he could witness the birth of his children, a troop of soldiers arrived in his quiet village, forcing Pedro and his family to flee.

The troops brought a violent fight with them to the town, and the fallout from their imperialism killed Pedro, who was compelled to sacrifice himself in order to keep his pregnant wife (Alma) and many others alive. Several locals attempted to flee the troops' might during the evacuation. When Pedro notices them charging up the river they're attempting to cross, he approaches the villains to buy everyone the time they need to flee.

Alma wasn't left with much, but a candle she'd been carrying around with her after Pedro died mysteriously sprang to life with magical abilities.

The fire of the magical candle can be interpreted as a metaphor for the Madrigal family's determination to love one another and join together in the aftermath of Pedro's murder.

The magical flame then aids in the creation of the living, breathing Casa Madrigal, and a new hamlet springs up around it. The Madrigal family then becomes the de facto providers/protectors of the new hamlet after an explosion caused by the candle's enchantment kills the troops hounding the group.

This is the start of the Madrigal heritage, and they become famous for their charmed gifts, which they employ for the better good of the town as a whole. After a few decades, however, Abuela becomes more preoccupied with her family's prestige and perception in order to distract herself from the pain of Pedro's death.

This eventually leads to one family member, Mirabel, struggling with not having a tangible magical gift. Some family members are superhumanly strong, can manufacture food that cures all ailments, or can hear everything, influence the weather, or predict the future.

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Not all of their gifts are as celebrated as others, and Abuela becomes more like Kris Jenner, micromanaging all of her children and grandchildren's personal “brands” while preventing them from being themselves.

However, Mirabel's gift turns out to be a recurring source of the family's magic, which is only restored once everyone loses their talents and understands that their love for one another is the only way to reignite their lost magical abilities. They won't be enchanted again until they stop thinking about how their powers are seen and “the family name” and start caring about what drew them together in the first place. Awee.

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