Who is Peacemaker’s Brother? How Did He Die?

After harsh revelations from the DC anti-hero's history were revealed in Peacemaker episode 4, dubbed ‘The Choad Less Traveled,' many fans were left heartbroken.

Every comic book character has an origin story, and Peacemaker's appears to be one of the most sad. Christopher Smith (John Cena) is a glorified anti-hero who is one of the most irreverent, rude, and insulting characters in the DC Extended Universe.

However, as Leota Adebayo (Danielle Brooks) once observed, “There's something about him that seems sad.” And it has a lot to do with his brother.

Who is the Brother of the Peacemaker?

The fourth episode of ‘Peacemaker,' titled ‘The Road Less Traveled,' delves into Chris' youth after he discovers his father has been arrested. Chris is reminded of his brother and their shared childhood during his talk with his father, August Smith/White Dragon.

How Did Peacemaker's Brother Die

Of course, we're not hearing about Chris' brother for the first time. Chris addresses his older brother in the third episode in a joke about his horrific childhood.

The setting is expanded upon further in the following episode when we find that Chris' brother died when they were both children. Chris attempts to unwind after returning home, but his history haunts him.

These memories are revealed to the audience in the form of flashbacks, which illustrate Chris' closeness with his brother and their difficult childhood. However, other than the fact that Chris' sibling died at a young age, little is known about him. The character is not named on-screen and has no counterpart in DC Comics.

Did the Peacemaker Murder His Brother?

Adebayo tries to persuade Chris about his father's negative influence on his life in the fourth episode. She expresses being aware of Chris' tragic past. Later, Chris speaks with Agent Harcourt and questions her about what is indicated in his ARGUS dossier concerning his history.

How Did Peacemaker's Brother Die

Harcourt discloses that Peacemaker's dossier claims that his father raised him to be a killer and that he played a hand in his brother's killing. We see Chris spending time with his sibling in the flashback sequences. They appear to have a close friendship and appreciate rock music.

The action then shifts to a playground, where Chris' brother collapses to the ground. His nose is bloody, and he appears to be suffering from a stroke or a drug overdose. More significantly, we don't see Chris during this flashback, making it difficult to say whether or not Chris had any involvement in his brother's death.

Given their tight relationship, it seemed improbable that Chris would murder his brother. However, given August's violent upbringing, the possibility cannot be ruled out. In the present, we find Chris clutching a photograph of himself and his brother, indicating that he is grieving his brother's death.

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Additionally, we see Chris upset over Rick Flag's passing. Chris assassinated Flag in order to complete the job at Corto Maltese. Chris seemed to have sorrow about killing Flag, despite arguing that his actions were necessary.

The show looks to be hinting at Chris being his brother's murderer by placing the deaths of Flag and Chris' sibling in the same flashback scenario. For the time being, we'll have to wait to find out more about Chris' brother's death.

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