How Did Pazuzu Algarad, the Murderer in “Devil You Know “Die?

The story of Pazuzu Algarad, born John Alexander Lawson, is one that shocks and disturbs in equal measure. Infamous for his bizarre appearance and macabre lifestyle, Algarad's life took a gruesome turn that ultimately led to his death.

In this article, we will explore the events that led to the demise of Pazuzu Algarad and the chilling circumstances surrounding his life and crimes.

Who Was Pazuzu Algarad?

Pazuzu Algarad was a killer from the United States who was responsible for the deaths of two persons. Pazuzu, born John Alexander Lawson, legally changed his name in 2002 to reflect his demonic beliefs.

In Arabic, the surname ‘Ilah Algarad' means “lord of the locusts.” He committed suicide in prison to avoid prosecution for his misdeeds.[Citation required]

In 2012, he was found guilty of being an accessory after the fact in the 2010 shooting death of Joseph Emmrick Chandler in Dohanna Park along the Yadkin River.

How Did Pazuzu Algarad Die

He was apprehended in 2014 after skeleton remains were discovered in shallow graves in his backyard.
His girlfriend was also arrested. She was prosecuted and ultimately pled guilty in connection with the deaths.

He resided with his mother in Clemmons, North Carolina. After being ruled unsafe for human habitation, the house was demolished in 2015.

Following his death, he was featured in the documentary The Devil You Know.

How Did Pazuzu Algarad Die?

Pazuzu Algarad died on October 24, 2015, in an apparent suicide in a North Carolina jail cell on Wednesday.

Pazuzu Algarad was found unresponsive in his cell at Raleigh's Central Prison shortly after 3 a.m., according to a statement from the Department of Public Safety.

The 36-year-old was discovered with an arm wound, officials said during a news conference on Wednesday, according to the Winston-Salem Journal.

Algarad was brought to the medical center of the prison. According to the statement, prison personnel attempted to resuscitate him but he died at around 4:20 a.m.

According to the Journal, his death occurred only one day before he was scheduled to appear in Forsyth District Court on charges of murdering one man and assisting in the burial of another.

Algarad and his girlfriend, Amber Burch, were charged with murder after the bodies of Joshua Wetzler, 32, and Tommy Wetch, 31, were discovered in the backyard of the couple's Clemmons home. (Since then, the house has been demolished.)

According to the Associated Press, Algarad was taken to prison on a safe-keeping order in May 2015. According to a Department of Public Safety spokesman, he was housed with the general population at the institution, and prison personnel performed bed checks every hour.

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The State Capitol Police Department and the City-County Bureau of Identification are conducting an inquiry into Algarad's death in collaboration.

Algarad was born John Lawson but legally changed his name in 2002 to honor a demon from The Exorcist. He has “666” tattoos and informed a neighbor last year that “he practiced Satanism.”

The front entrance of Algarad's now-demolished residence bore an image of a human skull and the words “Evil Will Triumph.” A video of the house shows animal carcasses inside, as well as layers of rubbish and graffiti on the walls.

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