How Does Nanami Die in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 17 is unquestionably the best animated episode of the series thus far, laying the groundwork for a narrative shift and emotional anguish. The episode hinted at Kento Nanami's poor state, foreshadowing his impending death, a critical juncture in the Shibuya arc.

Nanami, who debuted in Season 1 alongside Gojo and Toji, quickly became a fan favorite. While Season 2 had yet to dig into the famed tragedies of the Shibuya Incident storyline, Episode 18 promises to defy expectations by adapting Nanami's terrible end, kicking off the series' most heartbreaking and devastating events.

How Did Nanami Die?

Jujutsu Kaisen season 2, episode 17, focused on Sukuna's assault on Mahoraga and his killing of innocent bystanders throughout Shibuya. This episode signaled the beginning of the catastrophes for which the Shibuya Incident arc is famous.

Many fans were left wondering whether or not Nanami perished later in the novel after seeing glimpses of him walking through a subway that was damaged and burned.

Kento Nanami, unquestionably the most liked supporting character in Jujutsu Kaisen, will meet a horrible end in Season 2, Episode 18. His death occurs during the Shibuya Incident Arc, an important and powerful plot that enthralled fans with its unexpected twists and emotional depth.

How Did Nanami Die?

After surviving a series of brutal attacks within Dagon's domain, Nanami's quest takes a terrifying turn. Jogo, a formidable foe who severely burns Nanami and his allies Naobito and Maki, challenges him in a sad turn of events.

The power of Jogo's blow renders Naobito and Maki unconscious, but Nanami, demonstrating remarkable resilience, regains consciousness.

Despite the excruciating pain from the burns on his left half, Nanami refuses to give up. Instead, he directs his zeal into continuing the struggle against cursed spirits, demonstrating his unshakable dedication to defending others. 

Nanami focuses on the life he may have enjoyed while fighting, considering retirement in Malaysia.

Nanami's brave attempts, however, are cut short when Mahito discovers him. The confrontation reaches a climactic point when Mahito viciously murders Nanami by obliterating his upper half.

Yuji witnesses this heartbreaking incident, setting the atmosphere for a sad and furious rematch between Yuji and Mahito. Nanami's death not only ends a fan-favorite character, but it also catalyzes subsequent developments and tragedies in the plot. The next few episodes will undoubtedly be among the most heartbreaking in Jujutsu Kaisen.

What Happened After Nanami's Death?

The aftermath of Nanami's death leaves a hole in the plot, matching the feelings of fans who lament the loss of this captivating character. 

The repercussions of Nanami's sacrifice are likely to affect the plot, impacting the actions and feelings of the surviving characters.

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One might expect a shift in dynamics among the sorcerer community since Nanami's loss would be felt not only by his students but also by his colleagues.

 As the story navigates the impact of losing a mentor and friend, the emotional weight of his sacrifice may catalyze character development.


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