How Did Mexican Icon Cepillin Murio Die?

Cepillín, whose real name was Ricardo González Gutiérrez, was a prominent figure in Mexican television and entertainment for decades. He was known for his colorful attire, iconic red nose, and friendly demeanor that endeared him to generations of children.

In this article, we will explore Cepillín's personal and professional life, including his death.

Who was Cepillin Murio?

Cepillín was a famous TV personality in Spain, and kids' birthday parties would often play his music for decades.

He had a TV show called El Show de Cepillin that was both educational and funny, and it often had Hollywood stars as guests.

The late clown had a long career and was in many movies. He is known for giving Salma Hayek a break early in her career.

How did Murio Cepillin die?

They worked together to make a play version of Aladdin. Gutiérrez started working in TV when he was still in school for dentistry and was asked to work on a kids' show on the local Multimedios Televisión network.

He found it easier to work with kids when he was dressed as a clown. He did the same thing when he was a dentist, calling himself “Cepillín” (Brush). For his record Gracias, the well-liked clown was also up for a Latin Grammy in 2016.

In 2020, after 50 years on TV, the personality revealed that he was retiring and planned a farewell tour with his two sons, Cepi and Franki.

How did Cepillin Murio die?

Ricardo González Gutiérrez died on March 8, 2021, from not being able to breathe after being diagnosed with spine cancer.

He was 75 years old. Doctors were able to “get him out of” a breathing arrest, according to his son Ricardo González Jr., but “he was already very deteriorated” and one of his kidneys had stopped working.

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On February 28, 2021, Ricardo González Gutiérrez went to the hospital in Naucalpan, State of Mexico, because his back hurt so much. He had surgery that lasted nine hours and seemed to be getting better.

Rey Grupero (Luis Alberto Ordaz) came to see him. But he had chest pains, so on March 7, he was taken to critical care and put on a ventilator.

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