How Did Monty Die in 13 Reasons Why?

The controversial Netflix series 13 Reasons Why delves into the dark side of youth, including suicide, sexual assault, bullying, and other issues.

Season 3 included a murder-mystery plot in which our primary adolescent characters pleaded their innocence in the death of football jock Bryce Walker.

Bryce's erstwhile bestie Montgomery De La Cruz was eventually identified as his murderer.

However, viewers are aware that Ani manufactured this story to the police in order to conceal the name of the true perpetrator.

However, because Monty is murdered while in prison, he is never able to provide an alibi.

How Did Monty Die in 13 Reasons Why?

The show primarily focused on villain Bryce's death, which, to be honest, wasn't all that surprising given the circumstances.

Bryce became one of the most despised characters after raping Jess in season one and Hannah Baker appearing on one of her tapes.

He admits to raping multiple other women in season three.

The twist in season three, however, is focused on Monty rather than Byrce.

Viewers saw the jock sexually abuse Tyler in the school bathrooms with a broom at the end of season two.

How Did Monty Die in 13 Reasons Why

Monty hasn't come to grips with his sexuality yet in season three, and he uses homophobic slurs and bullies others to disguise his confusion.

Tyler finally comes forward in the latest season and reports the attack to the police. Monty gets arrested on sexual assault accusations, and the last time we see him, he is being brought to prison.

When Ani informs Deputy Standall that Monty is Bryce's murderer, he informs her that Monty has been found dead.

“Montgomery De La Cruz was killed in his jail cell just hours ago,” she hears him say.

His death, as well as his body, are not depicted, therefore it is unclear what happened, though it is assumed that he was murdered by a fellow prisoner.

In the last episode, Monty's boyfriend confronts Ani, telling her that he knows she's lying and that he is Monty's alibi because they were together that night.

Who Murdered Monty?

Monty was sentenced to prison in season two for beating Tyler with a broom. Monty – the hallucination, not the real guy! – later tells Clay that when the other convicts discovered Monty was a “child rapist,” he was stabbed with a shiv, bled out, and died as a result.

Clay experiences visions of Monty as he struggles with his guilt in season four, and this is how we learn what happened to Monty.

Is Monty a Gay?

Yes, while it wasn't explicitly stated in prior seasons, Monty struggles with his identity and standing as a jock, as well as his sexuality.

To cover up his own feelings, he attacks other pupils, including sexually assaulting Tyler.

In season three, we learn more about Monty's background, including the fact that his father is homophobic and beats him up.

How Did Monty Die in 13 Reasons Why

Monty has his first sexual experience with another student, Winston, at Bryce's house party before his death. Later, while Winston is still in the closet, he beats him up for speaking to him in front of other pupils.

Despite their rocky start, the couple reunite and rekindle their passion, sleeping together on the night Bryce is murdered.

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Fans were quick to point out the hints the writers left about Monty's sexual orientation.

“To be honest, Monty's sexuality doesn't surprise me.

He talks about gay people every two seconds; he's absolutely fascinated with them. “It was obvious there was something else hidden there,” one user tweeted.

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