How Did Monse’s Mother Die in ‘On My Block’?

The Netflix series “On My Block” captivates audiences with its blend of humor, drama, and sympathetic people negotiating the obstacles of growing up in a rough neighborhood. Among the primary protagonists, Monse Finnie's origin is cloaked in mystery, particularly when it comes to her mother's terrible demise.

Monse Finnie, portrayed by Sierra Capri, is a pivotal character in “On My Block.” Monse's character is defined by her determination, devotion, and emotional depth as one of the core group of friends negotiating the challenges of high school. Her past, particularly the events surrounding her mother's death, impacts her outlook on life and her relationships.

Monse's mother's death remains a major plot aspect throughout the series. Initially, little information is offered regarding the circumstances surrounding her death, leaving an air of mystery that lends to the show's emotional weight. Monse's relationship with her mother's memories is shown as a driving force in her life, guiding her actions and decisions.

In this article, we delve into the details surrounding Monse's mother's death, exploring its impact on the character and the emotional depths it adds to the show's narrative.

Who Was Monse's Mother?

After leaving Monse with her father Monty, Julia Whitman changed her name to Selena Finnie. She appears for the first time in Chapter 4 with a new husband and two white children. She currently resides in Brentwood, a wealthy white community.

Monse's Mother

Sierra Capri plays Monse, an independent and free-thinking Afro-Latina girl raised by her father. She is fiercely protective of her companions and serves as the glue that holds them together. Growing up without a female role model has had an impact on her, particularly on how to dress and behave like a woman. Her closeness with her father is really strong.

What Happened to Monse's Mother?

Julia revealed that she had changed her name to Selena Finnie as they exchanged greetings. She'd returned with her husband and two children to pen a memoir about her previous life. Julia invites Monse to live with her in Brentwood, but she declines because everything and every one significant in her life is in Freeridge.
Monse killed herself after she found out that her mother had told her Brentwood upper-class friends that Monty had abused his daughter.

Monse turned down Julia's offer to live with her, her husband, Brian, and their two kids, Hayden and Cooper, because Julia had lied to her. The high school student also had a sneaking idea that her mother was ashamed that she was half-Black.

Monse's Mother

At the start of Season 3, Julia tries to get in touch with her daughter, Monse. But Monse doesn't answer her calls, and Spooky, Cesar's brother, tells her to ice her out. “She just wants to clear her mind,” says the head of the gang.

“She goes away, comes back, and expects you to be happy to see her? She wants to have children now? When you don't have to raise a child, it seems a lot easier,” he says. “Forget it.”

Brian tells Monse, after her mom died, that Julia had tried to run away from her new family and duties more than once, but she always came back. She seemed determined to not make the same mistakes again.

The loss hurts the beautiful brunette, but it also makes her think about her future and what she wants from life. She wants to see the world outside of Freeridge.

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