How Did Mike Die in Sing 2? What Happened to the Gambling Mouse?

“Sing 2,” the highly anticipated sequel to the 2016 animated musical film “Sing,” has left fans curious about the fate of their beloved characters, including the flamboyant and eccentric mouse, Mike.

It's about a koala named Buster Moon who owns a struggling theater. He decides to organize a singing competition to save his theater from being taken away. Many different animals with different talents join the competition.

In 2021, they released “Sing 2,” but there was something unusual. One of the favorite characters, Mike the Mouse, was not in the movie. What's even more strange is that the movie didn't explain why he wasn't there. Nobody even mentioned his absence.

In this article, we will delve into the world of “Sing 2” and explore what happened to Mike as he embarks on new adventures in the world of showbiz.

Who is Mike from ‘Sing?'

Mike, a hustling street musician mouse voiced by Seth MacFarlane, appears exclusively in Sing. He desired three things in life: money, fame, and women.

He came out as arrogant and hungry, and he didn't even try to hide the fact that he thought he was superior to everyone else.

How Did Mike Die in Sing 2

So much so that he purchased a dazzling car before the singing competition because he imagined he would win the prize money and become wealthy.

Mike, on the other hand, possessed the pipes and talent of a musician. He primarily sang jazz songs, such as Frank Sinatra's “My Way.”

Mike had white fur and was generally seen wearing a red suit with a red fedora, as well as a black tie and shoes.

How Did Mike Die in ‘Sing 2?'

Since the film never addressed Mike's disappearance in Sing 2, fans have devised their own hypotheses, the majority of which believe Mike perished in some outrageous manner. Some claim his gambling habit drained him and caused him to be eaten by bears.

Others claim he was gang-raped (yeah, seriously!). u/itsamemario_o uploaded an image of a Google search that claimed director Garth Jennings said Mike died after being gang-raped in a Reddit post. However, it appears exceedingly odd that a PG film would murder a character in this manner. That post may have simply been photoshopped.

How Did Mike Die in Sing 2

In another Reddit thread, we finally have an answer that appears plausible. In a discussion about Sing 2, user u/Guiee wondered if Mike died in the first film.

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“No,” u/RiffRaffe replied. I attended a Q&A with director Garth Jennings, who mentioned that if he gets another one, he might invite Mike back. He stated that while he likes Seth McFarlane's singing and performance, he has had “enough of the character.”


Fans of the ‘Sing' franchise can look forward to reuniting with the lovable mouse Mike and witnessing his character development in ‘Sing 2.' As the animated sequel unfolds, it promises to be an entertaining and heartwarming experience, blending fantastic musical performances, engaging storytelling, and valuable life lessons for audiences of all ages. ‘Sing 2' showcases the enduring spirit of following one's dreams and the power of camaraderie, and Mike's journey is an integral part of this uplifting narrative.

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