How Did Midnight Die in My Hero Academia?

The battle between heroes and villains came to a very terrifying conclusion in My Hero Academia, season 6, episode 13.

Despite making a lot of sacrifices, Tomura Shigaraki and the remaining PLF members were sadly able to evade capture by the Heroes.

As they summarized the numerous sacrifices that the heroes had to make throughout the journey, the last minutes of My Hero Academia season 6, episode 13, were particularly unsettling.

In a moment that has since shocked fans who primarily watch anime, Pro Hero Midnight's signature mask was found on the ground, crumpled and shredded, next to a sizable puddle of blood.

Fans have therefore been anxious about Midnight's potential outcome and are attempting to learn the truth about her whereabouts before the upcoming episode.

How Did Midnight Die in My Hero Academia?

Before the events of My Hero Academia season 6 episode 14, Midnight had already met her demise. But it wasn't until just recently that this was confirmed in full. Episode 7 was the last time we saw her alive.

How Did Midnight Die in My Hero Academia?

In the opening moments of the sixth season of My Hero Academia, the heroes secretly attacked Gunga Mountain Villa, the hideout of the majority of the villains. Midnight offered Denki Kaminari renewed resolve to persevere in his fight and assisted several U.A. students in their journey.

Later, after waking from his sleep, Gigantomachia carried several baddies on his back. When Midnight attempted to stop him on his rampage across the forest, Mr. Compress used falling rubble to knock her down. She was so hurt that she was unable to protect herself from the random offenders who came at her and started a fight.

Before her demise, Midnight communicated to Momo Yaoyorozu a strategy to guarantee that Gigantomachia would nod out as a result of the anesthesia. She never spoke to any of her students again after this. Subsequently, in the most recent events of My Hero Academia season 6 episode 14, Midnight was mentioned as one of the multiple victims.

Momo was spotted weeping over her death with Eijiro Kirishima and Mina Ashido. Even Mina's hand was seen holding Midnight's. Rikido Sato and Minoru Mineta were also visible in the background, both sporting distressed expressions.

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Perhaps the most notable death of all the heroes that perished in the Paranormal Liberation War was that of Midnight. Crust, the former sixth-ranked Pro Hero, was also a casualty whose passing was lamented.

Even though Midnight was a main character from the start of the show, her tragic death felt more real, even though his part in My Hero Academia season 6 was woefully underdeveloped.

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