How Did Mel’s Husband and Baby Die in Virgin River?

In December 2019, Netflix's Virgin River hit the big time. The story of nurse/midwife Melinda Monroe, played by Alexandra Breckenridge, quickly won our hearts.

Mel moves to the small, close-knit town to start over, but for most of season one, her past stays a secret, only being revealed in a series of dramatic flashbacks.

The town gossip mill (ahem, Hope) starts to spread rumors like wildfire as Mel gets closer to Jack Sheridan, the owner of a nearby bar (Martin Henderson).

People notice that she is still wearing her wedding ring, which makes them wonder what happened to Mel's husband, Mark.

How Did Mel’s Husband Mark Die?

Mel's husband, Mark, was killed in a car accident before the filming of Virgin River began.

Mel confesses all about her marriage and her tragic past at the opening of Season 1. Mel and Mark, a doctor and aspiring sailor, were soon expecting a child.

Mel suffered from depression as a result of the couple's child being stillborn. Mel and Mark decide to try fertility therapy together; however, the procedure does not work for them.

Mark told Mel that he didn't want to continue treatments because she wanted to.

In the car, the two argue over it, with Mark asserting that he can see the mental and physical toll the process is taking on Mel.

How Did Mel’s Husband and Baby Die

Mark, the driver, takes his eyes off the road, and the pair are involved in a car accident. Mark dies soon after in the hospital, leaving Mel feeling fully responsible for what transpired.

Mel tries to bury her feelings for Jack (Martin Henderson) as the anniversary of Mark's death approaches in Season 2.

Not long later, Mark's sister Stacie (Melinda Dahl) comes, demanding that Mel return her engagement ring before Stacie's forthcoming wedding.

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Mel discovers embryos frozen before Mark dies, continuing the tale into Seasons 3 and 4. When she divorces Jack, she undergoes more fertility therapy, only for Mel and Jack to reconcile in Season 4.

When they do, Mel is pregnant and has no idea if the father is Jack or Mark. The baby's father is revealed to be Jack in the season finale.

What Happened to Mel and Mark's Baby?

Mel's husband, Mark, died soon after their baby died. Mel suffered from depression as a result of the baby's stillbirth.

The couple then attempted and failed to conceive again. As previously stated, it was their disagreement over IVF that caused them to crash, resulting in Mark's untimely death.


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