Who Was Mel Thompson? How Did the Tragic Star Die?

Mel Thompson was a beauty vlogger, content creator and a makeup artist. She has over 170,000 subscribers on YouTube and 57,000 Instagram followers. Her YouTube channel featured regular life updates. Her last video was released on September 24th. She also posted 10 images of her family on the same day. She was known to have unspecified health problems.

She had a devoted fan following among makeup-obsessed ladies, and she was well-known for sharing tips and product evaluations. Her demise, unfortunately, has shocked the YouTube community. Her husband is distraught. She was able to launch her own palette with the beauty brand Sydney Grace as a result of her success. Her “Tiny Marvels” makeup pallet has 15 hues and costs $52. Apart from her profession, she was the mother of four.

Mel Thompson Death

Mel Thompson died at the age of 35 on September 26, 2021. Puffin, her husband, shared the awful news in an emotional Instagram post, calling her “a pillar for our family.”

“Mel sadly passed away yesterday,” he wrote. It's quite difficult to pick just ten photographs. We lost a wonderful individual. “It's wonderful to see how much she was adored. And she loved you all back. I'll love and miss her for the rest of my life.

Mel Thompson and her husband

“She was a rock for our family.” The kids would never stop talking to her, and she was always talking to them and trying to help them with their homework. “And no matter how bad she was feeling, she'd still rub my back when I came in and jumped on the bed next to her while she worked tirelessly to put out content.”

“Everyone knows how talented she was as an artist and with her useful knowledge, but those who knew her best know how truly wonderful she was.”

“She would have done anything for anyone without hesitation.” “I wish I could have her back.”

How Did Mel Thompson Die?

The late YouTube star's husband did not reveal how she died, though he did say that she was not feeling well in his message. Mel has previously mentioned being unwell in numerous of her videos.

Mel's cause of death is still unclear to the public. Mel was remembered online by others in the YouTube beauty community. “This is such heartbreaking news,” vlogger and beauty artist Robert Welsh wrote. Mel was an amazing person. “I'm so sorry for your loss.”

Mel Thompson

“I am in utter shock,” Nikkia Joy said, adding the broken heart emoji. “This is the most heartbreaking news [crying face emoji] I am so very sorry for your loss, the world will not be the same without Mel.”

Mel was described as “such a sweet and wonderful, beautiful person” by comedian Jamie French in a comment.

Social Media Mourns Mel’s Death

Other makeup professionals and beauty influencers expressed their surprise in the comments section of her Instagram account. “This is such heartbreaking news,” said YouTuber Robert Welsh. Mel was an amazing person. “I'm so sorry for your loss.”

“I'm so deeply saddened and shocked,” makeup artist Lisa Eldridge commented. My heartfelt condolences go out to friends and family. Mel, rest in peace, and thank you for being so great.”

Tara Lynn, another content producer, paid tribute to Mel on Instagram, writing, “Love you Mel, thank you for being such an amazing friend to me, and I will forever miss you and our long phone calls.” Puffin, her precious children, Mother Regina, and all those who loved her are in our thoughts and prayers. Mel, please rest in peace.”

“I am heartbroken over Mel's passing!!” exclaimed Bailey Sarian. Complete surprise. Beauty, rest in peace. You will be sorely missed!” Many social media personalities and fans paid their homage to Mel on Twitter.

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