How Did Maria Muñoz Die? Who Killed Her?

There's no doubt that death in general is upsetting because it's so final. But the sadness that comes with a murderous death is unbelievably greater. This is shown even in CBS's “48 Hours: The Journals of Maria Muñoz,” which carefully goes into great detail about the horrible murder of the show's title character, Maria Muñoz, in her own Laredo, Texas, home in 2020.

We've got you covered if you just want to learn more about her, with a focus on what happened, the investigations that followed, and what happened afterward in general.

How did Maria Muñoz Die?

Reports say that in the early hours of September 22, 2020, Maria lost all of her chances in life in the blink of an eye. The truth was that this young married mother of two had been severely depressed for a while, but she had always put her family first because they were very important to her.

Her death notice said, in part, “She was the most loving mother…” She was the best daughter any parent could have asked for. Everyone will miss her kindness, giving, and true devotion.

How Did Maria Muñoz Die?

Because of this, it was hard for anyone to believe that Maria had killed herself after her husband, Joel Pellot, found her unconscious in bed that terrible day. This trained nurse anesthetist was the one who called 911 and yelled that his wife might have overdosed on her prescription drugs, but strangely, no one was at the scene.

After that, he moved her to the hall and started CPR until the emergency workers came. The 31-year-old woman was pronounced dead when they were sure they couldn't bring her back to life either.

The medical forensic analysis that followed proved that Maria had died from being heavily impaired by a mix of drugs, but there were no prescription clonazepam pills found in her body. Therefore, the cause of her death was not known.

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This caused her family and her spouse's coworkers to become worried, and one of them even pushed for a lab test. At that point, it was found that she was carrying seven different kinds of drugs. Most of them were only used for live surgeries, and one could only be given through an IV.

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