How Did Lil’ PNut Die?

NCAA YoungBoy, popularly known as Lil PNut, a social media star, has died. The online sensation was best recognized for resembling the rapper NBA Young Boy. ChangeofplanZ Media was the first to report his demise. He was said to have been killed.

NCAA YoungBoy used to frequently post videos to Facebook. He also uploaded stuff that resembled NBA Young Boy. The influencer has a small, but sizable, online following.

Union Springs police announced that the influencer was discovered deceased in the woods in his hometown of Union Springs, Alabama. On January 29, 2022, he died in the early morning hours.

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Who Was Lil' PNut?

Lil' PNut, also known as NCAA YoungBoy, was a social media sensation.

He was well-known for his online comedic impersonations of his celebrity lookalike, hip-hop star NBA Young Boy.

How did Lil’ PNut die?

His other well-known moniker, NCAA YoungBoy, was a pun on his resemblance to the Louisiana rapper.

The social media celebrity has a sizable fan base on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

How Did Lil' PNut Die?

Lil' PNut, also known as NCAA YoungBoy, was discovered dead in a forested area in his hometown of Union Springs, Alabama, on Saturday, January 29.

According to WSFA, Alabama Police Chief Ronnie Felder stated that the body was discovered along Hicks Industrial Road.

Local authorities discovered the influencer's body with gunshot wounds.

There were no suspects or assailants named in connection with the death of the social celebrity.

Despite police investigators' reports detailing gunshot wounds on Lil' PNut's body, a cause of death has yet to be determined.

Lil' PNut's last Instagram post was on January 27, 2022. Many fans sent their sympathies under the post of a music video, remarking “R.I.P.” and other answers.

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Similar condolence messages have been sent on his TikTok and YouTube profiles. On January 28, a YouTuber named clutch318money posted a video in which he mourned the passing of Lil' PNut, titled “RIP NCAA YB aka Lil PNut, I love you.”

In the video, he says, “It's a real sick feeling, but like, I'm heartbroken in so many ways because he went back home to Alabama not so long ago.”

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