How Did Lee Dutton Die in ‘Yellowstone?’

“Yellowstone,” the gripping television series created by Taylor Sheridan, revolves around the intense conflicts and power struggles within the Dutton family, owners of the largest contiguous ranch in the United States.

At the center of this drama is Lee Dutton, a complex character whose life becomes entangled in the dangerous and unforgiving world of Montana's ranching landscape.

In this article, we delve into the character of Lee Dutton and the tragic events that shaped his fate.

How Did Lee Dutton Die?

Lee Dutton was the eldest son of John and Evelyn Dutton, a true cowboy and a member of the family who understood what it meant to be dedicated to the country.

Lee didn't want to leave the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch; he enjoyed his life there. Lee, who was loyal to his father and proud of the Dutton name, was John Dutton's dream come true.

how did lee dutton die

Fans are given numerous opportunities to not just appreciate Lee in the first episode but also to find that he was the glue that held John together; he was the son that made it simple for the landowner and patriarch to continue forward, knowing he'd have Lee just a few feet behind him.

Lee's death was unexpected, shocking, and devastating, and the causes are varied. When cattle ran off Yellowstone and onto neighboring countries, a conflict arose with the Indigenous Peoples that lived there.

While John was advised to leave well enough alone, he did not—and his squad went in the night's disguise, but the people of the Broken Rock Indian Reservation understood what was headed their way.

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The Broken Rock Reservation police began attempting to deter the livestock agents, and while they were arguing, Robert Long shot Lee Dutton.

Lee had fallen off his horse but was still fighting for his life when his brother Kayce Dutton arrived to attempt to calm things down. Lee felt himself slipping, and Robert wasn't backing down; as he drew his rifle again, ready to shoot, Kayce did the same.

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