How Did the Weatherman- Larry Gebert Die?

For many years, Larry Gebert worked as a weatherman in Idaho. The weatherman died on April 1, 2022, at the age of 65.

According to KTVB, Larry was a family man who “would water ski across the Atlantic Ocean if any of them needed anything.” According to reports, he “adored service” and served wherever he was needed in his community. Continue reading to learn more!

Who was Larry Gebert?

Larry Gebert was an Idaho-based weatherman for many years. Larry was a family man, according to KTVB. “He would water ski across the Atlantic Ocean if any of them needed anything,” the station claimed.

He allegedly “adored service,” volunteering in his community wherever he was needed.

How Did Larry Gebert Die

“Every year, he would host, emcee, or auction dozens of fundraisers,” a source told KTVB.

“One year he said he helped 86 different events.” Larry, who stood 6'6″, was recognized for his huge stature and “large personality.”

“He knew who he was, and he never failed to show his joy for it,” said KTVB in its tribute.

How Did Larry Gebert Die?

Larry Gebert died on Friday, April 1, 2022, as a result of complications from a heart attack.

“We will remember him for all of it, but we will always love him for his heart, kindness, support, friendship, and dedication,” according to the news organization.

“There will simply never be another like him.” Friends and relatives embraced the popular weatherman at his passing, according to KTVB.

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“Throughout his 30 years at the station, Larry was always there to lend an ear, some manual labor, a ride, some solid advice, or a really long story that had nothing to do with the original conversation, but it helped take your mind off your woes,” the publication stated.

“As for the weather forecasting, he gave his absolute best every day to keep you and your family safe.”

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