How Did Kyle Craig From ‘Deadliest Catch’ Die?

It's becoming clear that Deadliest Catch is significantly more dangerous than anything else. A string of recent tragedies among crew members is beginning to weigh on both the guys on the boats and the show's followers.

Todd Kochutin died in February 2021 as a result of injuries incurred while working on the F/V Patricia Lee.

Nick McGlashan died of a heroin overdose two months before Todd. At the time, he was only 33 years old. The life these guys have chosen is arduous, and the stress and loneliness they frequently feel aren't necessarily restricted to their time on the boats.

In an ideal world, everyone always returns and goes above and beyond. Unfortunately, that was not the case for former crew member Kyle Craig, who died in July 2021. Kyle Craig died in what way? Here's what we know so far.

How Did Kyle Craig Die?

Kyle appeared on only six episodes of Deadliest Catch between 2016 and 2019. He also appeared in a Captain Versus. Captain special in 2018. He worked as a deckhand on the F/V Brenna A under Captain Sean Dwyer on the show.

We're not sure why his time on the show was so brief, especially given how much he enjoyed fishing.

How Did Kyle Craig Die?

Kyle's obituary stated that he died “suddenly on Saturday, July 17, 2021.” The specific circumstances of Kyle's death remain unknown at the time of writing.

Kyle was born in Lynnwood, Washington, where he “enjoyed playing baseball, and hockey, and earned his athletic letter in golf while attending Edmonds-Woodway High School.”

Kyle's passion for fishing began as a child, as it does for many people who aspire to be professional fishermen. This idea germinated during family camping excursions to Jameson Lake and blossomed into commercial fishing. Kyle eventually headed north to Alaska's Bering Sea, where he fished for halibut and black cod in the Gulf of Alaska.

Kyle was known as someone who could make friends wherever he went, which was most likely owing to his great sense of humor. It's obvious that he'll be missed by many, yet depending on one's beliefs, it's possible that he's snatching that moment of serenity in a different way.

Kyle Craig's Personal Life

Kyle had a wonderful life away from fishing. Kyle was clearly an active, outdoorsy person. He “found joy in riding dirt bikes, ATVs, and following the Sprint Car circuit,” according to his obituary.

Of course, he wouldn't be from the Seattle region if he wasn't rooting for the Seahawks or tailgating at a UW Husky football game.

How Did Kyle Craig Die?

Kyle's emotions were reserved for his two Labrador Retrievers, Yeti and Bowen, in addition to his wife Jennifer and their daughter Kiera.

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Nothing made Kyle happier than going for a stroll with them to find some quiet on the beautiful nature trails where he lived. Anyone who loves pets as much as Kyle did has earned the glowing tributes in his obituary.

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