How Did Kanan Die in Power Series?

On Power, fans will never forget the moment Kanan Stark was killed.

It was heartbreaking not only because he died, but also because Tariq St. Patrick was involved — one of the only people he trusted.

Michael Rainey Jr., an actor, agrees that his character did him “dirty.”

Nonetheless, he enjoys the sequence of Kanan's death in Power.

How Did Kanan Die in Power?

Kanan was introduced to Power viewers in the second season.

He had recently been released after spending several years in prison after being set up by James “Ghost” St. Patrick.

Kanan, intent on retaliation, sought to use Ghost's kid, Tariq, against him.

During their time together, though, he grew to care about Tariq, viewing him as the son he never had.

Kanan died in Power Season 5 after being put up to be the fall guy for Ray Ray's murder, which was performed by Tariq.

How Did Kanan Die in Power

Kanan got into a gunfight with police when they discovered the pistol during a traffic stop with him and Tariq.

Despite suffering a critical bullet wound, he managed to kill all of the officers.

Kanan stared at Tariq as if he wanted to kill him, but instead, he got in his car and drove away.

He barely made it down the road before collapsing and dying from his injuries.

What Did Michael Rainey Jr. Say on Kanan’s Death?

On the podcast The Crew Has It, Rainey and his Power Book II: Ghost co-star Gianni Paolo (Brayden Weston) discussed what happened to Kanan in Power.

“Obviously, Kanan knows what the f*** happened,” he said, referring to the incident. “He realizes Tariq set him up.

You just saw him glance at Tariq at the end, as if he believed he was going to kill him and sh**.

And all he does is stare at him. He seems to recognize himself in Tariq,

so he just lets it rock. And he just goes about his business. He murders the other cops and then flees like a bandit.”

Rainey acknowledged to frequently watching the clip, astounded that he got to kill off a character played by 50 Cent.

“Bro, I watched that scene like four times,” he said. “I was like, damn…” Like the entire action, the firing, everything was just fire.

And yet, in the end, with simply looking at Tariq, he's clearly disappointed. He says, “Man, you did me dirty.” But I'm going to let you rock.”

Kanan Remains a Presence on the Shows

Kanan has been dead for several years, but his presence is still felt across the Power Universe.

Notably, Tariq continues to see Kanan in Power Book II: Ghost, a spinoff that follows him as he adjusts to life without his father.

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In Power Book III: Raising Kanan, viewers can travel back in time to the 1990s to learn how Kanan became the guy he was in the original series.

So, at the very least, he hasn't abandoned us altogether.

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