Ready to Love: How Did Joy Hutton’s Sister Giana Die?

Recent seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have gotten a lot of bad reviews because many of the contestants are still in their early to mid-20s and aren't ready to find permanent love.

On OWN, the dating show Ready to Love is different from all the others. With 20 single men and women in their 30s and 40s who are successful in their jobs but not so lucky in love, the show follows their lives.

As with previous seasons, the contestants all come from the same place, and the show is geared toward men's insights. To comply with COVID-19 rules, the group spent Season 3 alone at a resort.

The teaser for the Dec. 18 show said that one of the contestants would be confronted with “bad news” that could lead to that person permanently leaving the resort. Many people now believe Joy Hutton, who is a fan favorite, to be involved.

How did Joy’s Sister Giana Die?

It's not known what killed Giana Hutton. In contrast, Joy had talked about her sister's death on Instagram. “On 9/15/2020, I lost my sister suddenly, just minutes after talking to her.” As usual for Giana, she was helping other people even in her last moments. As she went, she stopped to get a friend a wedding gift.

how did Joy's sister die ready to love

She went on, “And in her last words, she was still trying to dominate me and tell me how to live my life.” That's how she felt about her big sister—protected. We weren't together for six years, but our link was unbendable. This is painful. Without her, my life will never be the same. I loved her very much. Three or four days after she died, Joy sent her sister a picture.

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She wrote in a touching comment, “I love you every day, and now I will miss you every day.” We remembered and honored my sister, Giana @ladygnh, on October 1. Many thanks for the love she received from her friends and coworkers. A living beacon of light, she was.

Additionally, she said, “It will be a long time before I can be at peace with her leaving this world.” It still does not seem real.

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