How Did ‘Just Got Paid’ Singer Johnny Kemp Die?

The world of music mourned the loss of Johnny Kemp, the acclaimed R&B artist behind the hit song “Just Got Paid,” when news broke of his untimely death. The circumstances surrounding his passing left fans and the music community shocked and seeking answers.

In this article, we delve into the life and career of Johnny Kemp and explore the details surrounding his tragic demise.

Who Was Johnny Kemp?

Johnny Kemp was a Bahamian singer, composer, and record producer. He was born Jonathan “Johnny” Kemp.

He began his composer career in late 1979 and is likely best known for his solo work, including his hit “Just Got Paid” (1988), which received a Grammy Award nomination for Best R&B Song in 1989.

How Did Johnny Kemp Die

Kemp began singing in nightclubs in the Bahamas when he was 13 years old. In 1979, he went to Harlem, New York, with the band Kinky Fox. Kemp was a successful session musician and songwriter in the early 1980s, singing backing for the B. B. & Q.

Band on their 1982 album All Night Long (on which he co-wrote several tracks) and for Change on their 1982 album Sharing Your Love (on which he co-wrote “Take You To Heaven”).

He also featured lead vocals on the song “Cover Girl” on the obscure Network LP I Need You in 1984, which was eventually re-recorded for his self-titled debut solo album.

How Did Johnny Kemp Die?

According to Jamaican media, Kemp was discovered dead off the coast of Montego Bay on April 16, 2015. He was 55 years old at the time.

Kemp was a passenger on a cruise liner docked at Montego Bay. Other cruise ship passengers had seen him in the vicinity earlier that day. According to an investigation, he was strolling on some rocks when he lost his balance, collapsed, hit his head, and drowned.

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He was supposed to be a performer on the Tom Joyner Foundation's annual Fantastic Voyage cruise when his body was discovered; according to accounts, he did not board the ship.

He left behind his wife, Deirdre Fisher-Kemp, and two children, one of whom, Jared Kemp, is an actress.

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