How Did John Dutton’s Wife Die? What Happened to Evelyn Dutton in Yellowstone?

Yellowstone on Paramount Network has a lot of interesting people, each one more interesting than the last. The story stays focused on the farmers in the Dutton family, led by patriarch John Dutton.

In the hit TV show Yellowstone, the Dutton family fights to keep their land, which is in high demand. But people who watch the show know that one important member of the Dutton family has died. Evelyn Dutton was John Dutton's late wife and the mother of his four children, Lee, Kayce, Jamie, and Beth. She only shows up four times in Yellowstone because she died when her children were still young, in 1997.

Evelyn only shows up in Yellowstone in the form of flashbacks and photos. John hasn't remarried since she died and hasn't fully moved on, even though it's been decades.

Even though she died before the show began, her death has a big effect on the rest of the story. So, fans just want to know more about Evelyn Dutton and how she died tragically. Here is everything we know about how Evelyn Dutton died in “Yellowstone” for those fans who are interested. BEWARE OF SPOILERS!

Who Is John Dutton's Wife: Evelyn Dutton?

In the third part of the series, called “No Good Horses,” we meet Evelyn Dutton. She is the wife of John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and the late head of the Dutton family. In the third episode, Evelyn is talked about as the family gets ready for her anniversary.

But not much is known about her background with John, their relationship, or the fact that they got married. She is still the mother of Lee Dutton, Beth Dutton, and Kayce Dutton. She and her husband also took Jamie in and made him a part of their family.

How Did John Dutton's Wife Die

In the first season of the show, actor Gretchen Mol plays the role of Evelyn Dutton. Mol is known for playing Dr. Agatha Matheson in ‘Nightfylers.' Some people may know the actor as Michelle Stratton from the movie “American Gigolo.”

Mol plays Evelyn Dutton in two scenes of ‘Yellowstone.' But the character only shows up in flashbacks and hasn't been seen since the first season. Mol has said that she would like to play Evelyn again to learn more about her past. A looks like this hasn't happened yet, though.

How Did John Dutton's Wife Die?

Evelyn Dutton dies at a young age, so the story doesn't talk much about her life. So, it's hard to tell what kind of person she was or what kind of mother she was. From what we've seen of her, she seems to be a strict but caring mother who deserves to be the leader of the Dutton family.

But her tragic death is the part of her story that gives people the most information. In 1997, Evelyn took Young Beth and Young Kayce horseback riding. This is shown in a dream scene. During the ride through the large Yellowstone Dutton Ranch fields, Beth's horse gets scared, which makes Evelyn's horse run away. Because of this, Evelyn falls off her back and hurts herself very badly.

How Did John Dutton's Wife Die

Kayce stays with his mom while Beth runs around trying to find John and get help. But by the time Beth and John get there, Evelyn has already died from her wounds. The series shows that she died on March 3, 1997, which is when she was said to have died. Evelyn's death has a big effect on Beth, who feels partly to blame for her mother's death.

Also, after his wife dies, John becomes a little less close to his children. Even though John's bond with his children gets better over time, he never really gets over the death of his wife. John thinks of Evelyn as the love of his life, and he hasn't married anyone else yet.

Even though the third episode of season 5 shows that John misses Evelyn, he hasn't talked about how he feels about her death yet. Still, Beth tells John to get over her and find someone else to love. So, it's clear that the side story about Evelyn's death is far from over.

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