How Did Hange Die in Attack on Titan Season 4? What Happened After Their Death?

Attack on Titan fans have been waiting for a long time to see the end of their favorite show, and now they can finally start to see it. Eren Yeager has started his plan to destroy all society outside the Walls of Eldia. He did this by letting 600,000 Titans loose in the Rumbling, which is the biggest event in the series.

Now, our favorite members of the Survey Corps Regiment, who are loyal to the Marley Warriors, take on the task of stopping this terrible thing from happening so that killing doesn't happen. After almost a year of waiting, the third part of the last season of the cartoon has finally come out.

Even so, the international release of this episode has caused a lot of anger online, which at first seemed to be more important than what happened in the show. But as fans slowly started to watch, hearts began to break. Some people were bound to die in a fight this big, but some fans weren't ready to say goodbye to their favorite characters.

Over the course of its four seasons, Attack on Titan has killed off a lot of characters. Some deaths broke our hearts more than others, but each character served a purpose. Hange Zoe, the 14th leader of the Survey Corps, was the latest person to die in the story. So, How did Hange die? Continue reading to learn all about their death in Attack on Titan.

How Did Hange Zoë Die In Attack on Titan?

Hange gave up their life, or we can say that they chose to die. They died because they were badly burned while facing the Titans. This caused them to fall out of the sky. The battle between Hange and the Colossal Titans was the last one she fought in the Survey Corps.

Hange made this choice because they knew they wouldn't be as useful in the final fight as the other young soldiers. As the more experienced group members, they knew it was their job to help the younger ones stay alive.

Hange decided that all of the titan shifters on their side should stay alive until the final fight with Eren. Rainer and Armin fought at first about who should stay behind and fight off the giants. But Hange decided that they should both help with the final battle and made Armin the Commander.

How Did Hange Die

Aside from that, Armin and Rainer have already used up all of their powers, so their change isn't a sure thing and won't make them strong enough to fight back if it does happen. This would mean that they wouldn't give the others enough time to escape, and their death would be pointless.

Hange's sacrifice made Armin the new Commander, and it was strongly implied that he would be the next great Commander after Erwin. Members of the Survey Corps could give up their lives for a better cause.

Hange knew that in the late game, the new generation and Levi would be more important than themselves. They also made a choice because they knew Reiner or Armin would be the only ones ready to do the job instead of the other soldiers, and they were two valuable assets that the Corps couldn't afford to lose.

Why Did Hange Fight Against the Giant Titans?

All thanks to Floch, who shot the fuel tank of the airship right before Hange and her friends were about to leave to stop Eren from going on with Rumbling. Well, Floch can't be blamed either, since he was an ardent Yeagerist who thought that only Eren could bring real peace to the world. So, he gave up his life for what he thought was right.

How Did Hange Die

The Colossal Titans were almost there, and the ship's fuel tank was broken and needed to be fixed quickly. Someone had to deal with the first few Colossal Titans so that the scientists and other members of the Survey Corps could carry out the plan. Hange chose to give her life so that the scientists and other members of the Survey Corps could do their jobs.

She fought bravely and was able to take out a few Titans. While she was doing that, others flew the ship to Eren and stopped him. If not for Hange, someone else would have had to die or they would have all been crushed by the huge group of Colossal Titans.

What Happened After Hange’s Death?

Hange gives Armin Alert the title of Commander right before she kills herself to let her men escape. Armin became the 15th person to lead the Corps. When Hange finally wakes up to all of their wounds, they wake up in front of their dead friends. Instead of feeling like they'd lost, Hange was thrilled to see her old friends again after years apart.

The rest of the Survey Corps members are getting ready to face Eren and stop the Rumbling for good. Levi is one of the last older Corps members left, and he even gets himself to fight in the fight against Eren. But Mikasa was the one who dealt the finishing blow and cut Eren and Ymir loose from the Founding Titan.

At the end of the series, everyone who was under the Titan's threat is also freed and can go back to their normal lives. Those who fought against Eren are now peace ambassadors and lead talks between the islands to make peace.

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