What Happened to Greg Grippo’s Father From the Bachelorette?

Many fans of The Bachelorette adored Greg Grippo until he stormed off the show, gaslighting and manipulating Katie Thurston. But, up until that point, Greg was a clear leader, possibly even Katie's first choice as season winner. Katie and Greg had bonded over their fathers' recent deaths, so what happened to Greg Grippo's father?

What Happened to Greg Grippo's Father?

Grippo's father, Frank Grippo, died on December 30, 2018, according to his obituary. Frank was married to Greg's mother, Sandra, for 35 years before his death.

Frank was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer and given a month to live. Grippo addressed the death of his father to Thurston during his one-on-one date on The Bachelorette on June 14.

Grippo shared images of his father on Instagram the day after he died. “I know you're still with us; I love you forever,” he captioned the photo, adding a red heart emoji.

Katie Shared With Greg Grippo's Family That She Had Also Lost Her Father

Katie and Greg's initial common ground is their loss. In Matt's season of The Bachelor, we learn that Katie lost her father, but we don't know much else. As the season progressed, Katie revealed that she had lost him to ALS, a terrible condition that causes death one to five years after diagnosis.

how did gregs dad die

When Katie meets Sandra and Greg's siblings, she explains that she, too, has lost her father, so they have something in common. However, Greg tells Katie later in the evening that he feels like she does not share the same sentiment because his father's passing left a “hole in his heart.”

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While Katie struggles to understand his sudden shift in demeanor, the way we see it on television is quite different. And, given Katie's remark about “gaslighting” shortly after the hometowns episode aired, it appears she agrees that Greg may have been manipulating the situation.

Regardless, we send our heartfelt sympathies to Greg's loving mother, his family, and himself, and we appreciate the Grippos sharing their tale with the public.

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