How Did ‘Street Outlaws’ Star Tyler “Flip” Priddy Die?

Tyler “Flip” Priddy was the epitome of a motorhead and a vital member of the Street Outlaws group, leaving an irreplaceable vacuum in the show since his tragic death in 2013.

Flip was a prominent figure in the racing world and a devoted crew member. His memory has endured through time, thanks to the same crew members he showed such loyalty to during his life. 

Then, how did Flip pass away precisely, and what kind of life did he lead that made him so successful in the drag racing world? This is an explanation of the late gearhead's crucial position in the popular show and the subculture at large.

How did Flip Die on “Street Outlaws”?

The members of the Street Outlaws cast have never disclosed the precise cause of their friend's death, despite their strong desire to commemorate and remember their late comrade, who passed away at the young age of 31. Moreover, no official record is available to compare and determine Flip's actual passing cause.

How did Flip Die

Since Flip's official cause of death has never been disclosed, numerous theories have surfaced over the years suggesting a range of possible outcomes for the reality television star's passing.

One thing is certain: On May 28, 2013, Flip was discovered dead at his Yukon, California, home. The racer's precise cause of death is still unknown; however, a common idea holds that he killed himself by accident while using a gun while intoxicated. 

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Furthermore, some have speculated that Flip might have committed suicide as a result of depression and suspicions of infidelity.

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