How Did Flip Die From Street Outlaws? The Full Tragic Story

Tyler “Flip” Priddy, who died in 2013, has left an indelible vacuum in the Street Outlaws cast. The same crew members who were so devoted to him in life have kept Flip's memory alive over the years.

So, how exactly did Flip die, and what kind of life did he lead that led to him becoming a drag racing phenom? Here's a rundown of the late Gearhead's pivotal involvement in the hit show and subculture as a whole.

Who is Tyler “Flip” Priddy?

Flip was born in Chickasha, Oklahoma, the birthplace of the Street Outlaws. When they were kids, he met fellow automobile and racing enthusiast Justin “Big Chief” Shearer.

How Did Flip Die From Street Outlaws

As kids, they used to ride their bikes to watch drag races. Flip featured with Big Chief on the first season of Street Outlaws in 2013, where he resumed his passion for street racing.

How Did Flip Die on ‘Street Outlaws'?

Flip died on May 28, 2013, in his Yukon, Oklahoma, residence. He was 31 years old when he died.

Flip died just a few weeks before the start of Street Outlaws' first season. Flip's family and friends did not reveal the cause of his death, although it was determined that it was not related to racing.

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Although the cast members of Street Outlaws have publicly honored and mourned their late comrade, who died at the age of 31, they have never discussed his actual cause of death. Furthermore, there is no official record available to compare to and determine why Flip died.

With no official cause of death ever being documented for Flip, numerous theories have circulated over the years implying a range of scenarios in which the reality television star could have died.

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